Ziggy IllFame

Ziggy IllFame

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If you like great beats laced with great lyrics and just a great sound all together then this is what your looking for. Ziggy!! Come vibe with me.


Ziggy- an American songrwriter and recording artist. Born in Dallas Texas and raised in New york city. Ziggy at an early age was influenced by the streets being raised by his mother a recovering drug addict. Who sought out to make sure he was both street and book smart. Learning the hard way that crime has a short story, he quickly decided to change his story. Joining the military at seventeen to in his own words "tote a gun around" taught him discipline and to quickly adapt to his surroundings. Which is what his music is a detailed portrait of. His hustler mentality and promise to his mother that he wouldn't quit helped him survive four years overseas. Ziggy is a suave witty wordsmith, who brings it out in every record which gives the listener an enticing feel to each song. Ziggy like the places he has been is a diverse mixture of sounds. He's a mixture of heavy east coast hardcore rappers like Styles P and mobb Deep. All while keeping his southern roots from rappers like Bun B and T.I. His music is smooth yet gritty, it is lyrically complexed yet simple, it is street and conscientiously uplifting. He brings music to the table that everyone can relate to, no matter if your black, white, hispanic, street hustler, college student, rich or poor. When you hear his music you love it.


The New New Deal Feb 2011
Vibin N Scribin hosted by Dj Smallz and Fear factor music Feb 2012
4 da luv of money (group) Money never sleeps drops Nov 2012