Ziggy Soul

Ziggy Soul


The Jamaican Psalmist Ziggy Soul has warmed the hearts of many, both young and old, as he delivers the uncompromising message of Christ in Song. He has had the privilege to been under the guidance of the late Robert "Nesta" Marley and is thankful for that that great experience.


Ziggy Soul

“From Prodigy To Servant”

'Twisted fate' - that is how singer, Ziggy Soul (Devon Beckford) sums up the story of his conversion to Christianity and his career in gospel music. Born of humble parentage, Ziggy spent six years at the Alpha Boys School, where he pursued academic and vocational studies. But books were never his fascination - music was, and so intense was his love for this dynamic art, that he spent over two decades of his life establishing a career in it.
From as early as fifteen years, Ziggy developed and honed his musical talent. He was particularly skilful in playing the acoustic guitar and song writing. His first attempt at singing at the professional level was in 1974, when he joined Earth Disciples as a back up vocalist. Ziggy recalls having memorable experiences with the group, singing at various events.
A prodigy of world acclaimed Reggae artiste, Bob Marley, Ziggy gained a tremendous amount of exposure, which catapulted him to the next level in his career with the group True Change. So indelible was his contribution to the group that the US-based Wailing Souls approached and convinced him to join their group. Ziggy was now poised to discover uncharted territories, which would advance his goal of self-promotion - and he utilized the opportunity. He was very instrumental in the production of four of the group's albums and was lead vocalist for two of its songs. Joggling tight rehearsal schedules with back-to-back concerts, Ziggy was heavily consumed by his job but he nonetheless felt emptiness within him. This was when he knew he needed to move on.
Ziggy launched a career of his own in June 1988. Within weeks he was chanting to the lyrics of more than 100 new songs that he wrote and composed with the assistance of Chris Merdit, then bass player for Ziggy Marley. "I was truly inspired", he says. "For the first time I realized the extent of my full potential".
He joined another group Knowledge in 1994. But as fate would have it, Ziggy had a calling far more noble and important to respond to. It was the voice of God. In October 1995 he accepted Jesus Christ as his lord, friend and savior.
For a while, Ziggy decided to put his music on hold and concentrate on other aspects of church ministry. Says Ziggy, "I really had no intention of going down that road again because I'd sung so much about Selasi."
However, a fresh bout of inspiration that he got to write his first gospel song, "Sing It Out", and constant encouragement from Pastor David Keane changed his plans.
Ziggy Soul made his debut in gospel in Alleluia '98, at the Family Church on the Rock. Since that time, his music has taken to the skies and he has been attracting a growing circle of fans and supporters. Ziggy's music brings with it a unique sound and solid lyrical content that would captivate any audience. And he has brought no less a presentation to his new Album, "Born Again".
The album features a creative combination of gospel songs done mostly with a Reggae flavor and borne from real life experiences of the artiste. Produced by music veterans, Noel Browne and Tommy Cowan, this thirteen-track work of art is destined to make a big hit in all spheres in the music arena.
"It's the first time I'm singing something I'm sure about”, he says assuredly. “When I was in the world it was just a put on thing… I should have discovered this a long time ago."
Ziggy Soul also admits that even though he has identified a ministry for himself, he has an even greater passion to serve others. He presently coordinates a library service, mainly for children in the inner cities of Trench Town and Rema. Additionally, he teaches remedial classes in Rema.
Ziggy has been a mentor to upcoming gospel ministers, such as Moses, Mr. Gallimore, The Prodigal Son and Spiritual and has worked closely with them on various projects. This is inline with of his desire to so see the development of the inner-city youth.
Ziggy was awarded three nominations for the prestigious Marlin Awards 2002 which was held the Bahamas for the following categories: Outstanding Male Reggae Vocal Performance of the Year (Virtuous Woman), Outstanding Dub/Culture Recording of the Year (Hosanna in the Highest), and Outstanding Reggae Recording of the Year (Virtuous Woman).
And what is Ziggy Soul's vision of his life ahead? His response: "I don't make plans. God is my guide" in light of Proverbs 19:21 - “Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the LORD'S purpose that prevails.”


Do Not Judge

Written By: Devon Beckford

This is what the Master says
He who has ear let him hear, Yeah

Verse 1:
Why look at the speck of sawdust, o yes, in your brother’s eye
And pay no attention to the plank, in your own eye
How can you say to your brothers?
Let me take the speck out of your eye
And all the time there is a plank in your own eye

Do not judge, o no [no …],
Or you [too] will be judged [o yes]
For in the same way, you judge others
You will be judged [yeah]

Verse 2:
Thank God that you are alive
Let’s help to socialize,
Forgive, forget, and love one another
Don’t mind what has been done, we all can overcome
When we take care of each other

Chorus x 2

Verse 4:
So whatever you sow (my brothers)
Dat you a go reap (my sisters)
And I don’t care who you are
You will be judged
No mek the hotta hotta fire have fi bun you


And with the measure you use
You will be judged
Say I don’t care who you are
You will be judged

People of God

Written By: D. Beckford


No weapons formed against you, shall proper
Every tongue that rise against you
It shall be condemned again and again

Verse 1:

Angels of the Lord encamp round about them, yeah,
That fears him, and he delivers them
What shall we say about these things?
If God be for us, yes, who can be against us?


I belong to the people of God, hallelujah
We belong to the people of God, hallelujah
Jesus, you belong to the People of God, hallelujah
He is holy; they belong to the People of God

Yes he loves you and He Loves me
He loves us all, everyone
He Loves you, and He Loves me
He loves us all
My Jesus, yes I love Him

Verse 2:
Be not conformed to this world
But be transformed, by renewing your mind
That you may prove what is acceptable
And perfect will of God


Virtuous Woman

Written By: D. Beckford


Who can find a virtuous woman?
Her price is far above rubies
Who can find a virtuous woman?
Her price is far above rubies

Verse 1:

Her husband trusts in her, yeah
He will have no need of spoil
She will do him good and not evil, no, no, no
All the days of his life


I thank my God, hallelujah
I give him glory
I thank the Lord, hallelujah
He gave me this woman, woman

Verse 2:

She seeketh the wool and flax
She worketh willingly with her hands
She is like the merchant ships
She bringeth the food from afar



Verse 3:

O I, prayed and waited
And He answered my prayer
O I, prayed and waited
He answered


LP - Born Again (2000) - Glory Music
Single - Do Not Judge (2004) - Spearhead Records

Set List

1. Do Not Judge
2. Worthy
3. Vituous Woman
4. Love
5. Children Of God
6. Sing it Out
7. Hosanna