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I like what some industry insiders have called us: "The best unsigned rap group coming out of Atlanta period! Gospel or secular!


"For they were all mighty men of valor, and they were captains in the army . . ." (1 Chron. 12:21). Who are they? They are those who dwelt in Ziklag, a land inherited by David, which " . . . has belonged to the kings of Judah to this day" (1 Sam. 27:6).

Today their spirits live on through the Ziklag Boyz - a group of three young men petitioned by GOD to proclaim the mighty power of His Son, Jesus, who sets free those held captive by the enemy. Tico Hudson (aka Khul Rhema) from Albany, GA, Brian Nichols (aka King E) of Atlanta, GA, and Matthew Folson (aka T.A.O.) from Jacksonville, FL, united in 2001 to form this group of holy souljahs now known as Ziklag.

The genesis of this Holy Hip-Hop trio began with the Word of the Lord. In 1996, Rhema (founding member of the group and graduate of Fort Valley State), found himself homeless on the streets of California, selling drugs and disappointed by a broken dream of becoming an urban music producer. Nevertheless, his hope was restored when his uncle told him about the yoke-destroying power of GOD. Hudson then submitted his life to Jesus and heard the clear, audible voice of GOD say, "Through you, multitudes will be ushered into the Kingdom." A few days later, he heard the voice of GOD again say, "This is what I want you to do," as he listened to Holy Hip Hop music for the first time. He persisted to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ and pursue his calling. In the midst of his Christian growth, the Lord repeatedly showed him a vision of three men standing unharmed in a fiery furnace with a fourth man who was undoubtedly Jesus. However, these three men were not Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego of the Bible story found in Daniel 3. They were the three men who now form Ziklag.

Four years later, Rhema met King E. In that year, 2000, King rededicated his life to Jesus. Although he was saved at the age of five, he did not develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He appeared to be headed for success as a graduate of Albany State University and secular rap artist who promoted positive living. However, he realized that his life was meaningless without Christ as he heard a message by Dr. Creflo A. Dollar, Jr., Senior Pastor of World Changers Church International entitled, " The Blessing of the Lord Makes One Rich, And He Adds No Sorrow With It." From this moment forward, he decided to live for Christ and change his lyrics so that others would know the message of salvation.

The third member to join Ziklag in 2001 is T.A.O. (acronym for 'tenacious, anointed and optimistic'.) he also had a dream of becoming a secular rap artist, but in his pursuit he embraced a lifestyle of gang violence, hardcore drugs and alcohol. His vision was blurred by these addictions and desires of life. He was so heavily involved in selling drugs that he was arrested and spent six months in jail. While in jail, TAO decided to live a legitimate lifestyle. After his release, he worked, tried several relationships and eventually traveled the country as a secular rap artist. Yet, this too failed and he lost his will to live. Deep inside his heart he knew that GOD could fix his situation. So he attended WCCI and gave his life to Jesus Christ. Since then, TAO has taken a moral stand against the very things that brought his life to turmoil. In addition, he is now happily married to Monique Folson whom he also met at WCCI. TAO became the final member of the group, which was originally called MoDan Conquerors.

In the same year, the group recorded their first demo entitled, "the Demo, " which included the acclaimed "Money Comin'". It reached the ears of Dr. Dollar who approached them and said, "GOD told me to call you Ziklag . . . the place where David recovered all." They entered into an agreement with Dr. Dollar for the single and music video, Money Comin'. As a result, nearly 5,000 copies were sold in the first six weeks. Ziklag's first album, Raw and Uncut, Vol. 2, was released June 27, 2003 independently and has sold over 14,000 units to date.
Recently, Ziklag was nominated for a Grammy Award for their single, "Raw & Uncut," featured on the compilation, "Taking the Gospel to the Streets," released by HHH Inc./EMI Gospel. Inspired by the strength and message of the song, Allan Houston of New York Knicks fame, executively produced the music video for "Raw & Uncut." Christopher "Play" Martin of the hit 90s group, "Kid n' Play," directed the video. The compilation, with "Raw & Uncut" as its' single, has charted as high as #15 on the Gospel Billboard charts.
In February 2004, Ziklag was released as a featured artist alongside other top Christian recording artists Yolanda Adams, Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin and others, on the soundtrack and direct to DVD/Home Video movie entitled Higher Ground. They are presently entertaining contract offers from quite a few labels and distribution companies: Aquemeni Records (Outkast), BME (Lil' Jon) and Central South Distribution, to name a f


Money Comin' (2002) single released by Creflo Dollar - sold nearly 10,000 units.

Raw & Uncut (2002) EP (pre-release) by Ziklag Ministries

Raw & Uncut, Vol. 2 (2003) LP released by Ziklag Ministries

Money Comin', Raw & Uncut and other cuts from the LP are getting regular airplay on various urban gospel radio shows including Atlanta's Hot107.9 Crunk for Christ show, and other internet radio stations.

Set List

We have created a 15, 30, and 45 minutes - 1 hour set due to various venue requests. These sets may include:
Ziklag Boys
Raw & Uncut
Pep Rally
The Ghost
Money Comin'
It's Your Birthday