Z i L C H

Z i L C H

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

ZiLCH (n.):

- a New England based, improvisational rock outfit focused on live, high-energy jamming; resulting in a perpetually dynamic, yet musically accessible atmosphere.


Zilch currently consists of three musicians who consistently push the envelope in terms of improvisation.

Guitarist, Tim Norton, a Massachusetts local, leads Zilch. The band was born in 2009 when Norton met Houston drummer/composer, Josh Nathan. Nathan has an instinctive sense of harmonic motion and complexity, stemming from his love for piano. Nathan compliments Norton’s writing significantly, resulting in a distinct, eclectic, and harmonically accessible sound.

With improvisation as the foundation of much of their writing, Norton and Nathan sought out to experiment with other musicians who could solidify and contain the sound.

In 2010, Norton and Nathan met Connecticut native Jeff Liffmann, an outside-of-the-box keys player also committed to live improvisation. Zilch quickly grew legs, utilizing Norton, Nathan, and Liffmann’s innate ability to read one another while improvising.

Since then, many new compositions and ideas have developed from this trio. They constantly push each other into complex and diverse musical settings. The end result is a perpetually flowing and unlimited groove of funk, jazz, reggae, ambient and, of course, rock music.

Set List

* -3/3/2012 : The Lounge at B.S.P., Kingston, NY

Funk Face >
Love on the Run%,
As Did The Dew
* = First Time Played
% = with Stephen Malinowski on keys, and Ben Teters on Percussion


* -3/2/2012 : Funk N Waffles, Syracuse, NY

Jam >
Bitch's Blues,
Even Actually >
UnNoticed% >
Ideal End,
Space Champ >
Twank >
Space Champ
% = Contained teases of "Fame"


* -2/4/201