Buford, Georgia, USA

Zilfa Owen is a dynamic and energetic artist who puts her all into every part of her artistry; she's involved with everything from the tracks chosen, lyrics written, vocals arranged, produced and mixed, to the choreography and set up of her performances. She takes pride in executing each performance with stellar vocals and engaging the audience with her confidence and talent.


Zilfa Owen was born on a rainy day in Manhattan, NY on September 13th, 1987 to a Jamaican mother and American father. Hence the name Zilfa which means “distilling” in Arabic.

With an entrance made in the heart of the Big Apple, it’s no wonder that she was destined to soar to greater heights. Zilfa’s family later relocated to Philadelphia where she spent most of her childhood days and still considers home. It was there that her parents discovered her talent by accident one day while she was singing to herself. As time went on however, Zilfa focused on writing and dreamt of the days when she would grace the stage like her idol, Beyoncé. Upon relocation to Atlanta, Zilfa soon found herself in a booming city with up and coming talent everywhere and was encouraged to follow her dreams. It was there that Zilfa, armed with her vocals and lyrics, began performing at local venues in the Atlanta area and embarked on the opportunity to record with producers.

At 15, she caught the attention of an A&R and auditioned for a local trio “Babylove”. The group went on to record a demo and booked performances in Atlanta but the members decided to part ways. Undeterred, Zilfa continued to pursue music as a solo artist and headlined weekly acts in the Atlanta showcase circuit. As a dare, she auditioned for another singing group and was chosen for the trio “Tomboi”. The group went on to create records with RL of Next, Atozzio, and producer Oak. Complete with their melodic harmonies and hip hop choreography, Tomboi created buzz in Atlanta and gained auditions with Def Jam and Universal Records. Unfortunately, the group disbanded shortly after and Zilfa once again found herself back at square one. After multiple attempts in female groups, Zilfa finally decided to return to her roots of being a solo artist. Putting her pen to use, she used writing as a way to vent her frustrations and creating the masterpiece she would call her own.

In the summer of 2011, Zilfa independently released her buzz single “Fantasy” to the public, and was greeted with warm and eager responses for more. After a brief move to New York City that went awry, Zilfa found solace in her music and poured everything into her new project. She began to record with some of the newest producers in Atlanta like The Architects, and enhanced her vocal abilities by taking vocal lessons at Jan Smith Studios and working with a choreographer to polish her skills and complete the package.

While many artists have a typical medium that defines their signature style, Zilfa doesn’t limit her experimentation and is constantly reinventing her style and flirting with boundaries musically and visually. Signed or unsigned, Zilfa is yet again determined to launch the release of her first EP entitled “Lose Control” in April 2012 as an independent artist. As excitement and momentum builds, Zilfa maintains her academic excellence as a marketing student and demonstrates the lethal combination of talent and brains with the philosophy that dedication and hard work will pay off. Armed and extremely dangerous, Zilfa has set out yet again to accomplish her dreams and pave the road for her own success.


Fantasy: Buzz Single (released 07/11)
If I: 1st Single (slated for April 2012 release)
Lose Control- EP (Slated for May 2012 release)