ZINDU plays a multitextured fusion of rock, jazz, jam, funk & World rhythms -- initiating Tribal Jazz/Jam Explorations & Psychedelic Funk Fusion. Our original compositions are based in enigmatic rhythmic structures, hot funky fusion, and captivating melodic passages.


Founded in 2002, the music of ZINDU has metamorphosed through various stages: tribal jazz, funk fusion, jam rock, groove exploration, psychedelic and primal, yet continually carving new sonic mazes that inspire enchantment and celebration. Their music expresses a vitality of melodic and rhythmic impulse, impelling the listener towards harmonic discovery and imaginative revelation. The underlying foundations and defining structures of the compositions are fueled through a fiery and radical coalition of drums and bass, while the sense of journey, atmosphere and expressive velocity are animated with colorful interfusions of guitar, sax and keys. The conflux of instrumentation creates an overall sound that is both cohesive and dynamic, resulting in a unique hybrid of riveting musical flavors sure to reverberate your brain into a delightful frenzy!

Funky, original, rhythmic and ground-beaking, ZINDU plays the San Diego area and farther reaches of the West Coast and South West, and is available for short tours and music festivals. As always, ZINDU promises to provide their listeners with an original experience of Uninhibited Sonic Pleasure!


Fling That Thing

Written By: Salvatore Folisi

Her love and kisses put me in a trance, Where my heart broke open and my soul danced, Indescribable spirits flowed through my veins, The language of Union poured down like rain,
The energy between us slowly filled the room, Like swimmin' in the sea -like flowers that bloom, A celestial ritual - a slow moving prayer, An ecstatic fusion of lips breathe and hair
I felt her all around me and inside my skin, Where did my body end and her body begin?, This amazing explosion of love and desire, I've never been transported anyplace higher
Our love like a river from deep in the earth, Flowed out like music celebrating Love's birth, We both knew we made eachother's hearts sing, I said "Come on baby now fling that thing!"


Our first studio album "Shapeshifter" was released in April, 2006 and is available on CD Baby @ http://cdbaby.com/cd/zindu

Set List

We currently have over 20 original songs.

We cover jazz standards like Footprints and Afro Blue, as well as a few favorites in the realm of classic rock.

We are prone to engage in complete improvisation during live performances, and covers are often extrapolated into this foray.