Songwriter/poet - picked up the guitar because it was more portable than a piano. Songs are varied - alternative folk, but occasionally with a punk influence, and sometimes some country twang seeps in - go figure! There s a touch of the blues as well.


Sent my first song away to the U.K. when I was 12 - had stars in my eyes. The stars may have gone, but the music remains.
Still writing songs, singing (also with a choir), playing a bit of guitar - and recording the noise that results.


Washed Away

Written By: Janine McGinness-Whyte

Washed away
Dm Am
As children we are taught by the / sea
That sand castles are only temporary
even though foundations might be / strong
everything dissolves around you before long.... and
Time is a bull /dozer
that leaves little trace
of the things that we love
that vacate each embrace (E7)

As friends slip into the distance
I remember our childhood persistence
building another sandcastle on the shore
before the sea stole something more ..... and
My hands still remember
finding the curve
that seemed so solid
until the tide turned
F Em
It’s true that we own nothing / much
Except our own short lives
but the heart keeps making sandcastles
before the waves ar/rive (PAUSE)
And the heart makes room
for the visiting sea
to touch our feet
and absorb our history and...
My hands still remember
finding your curve
but now that you’ve left
I’ve still got so much to learn
(repeat prev. CH softly)


Written By: Janine McGinness


Sunday afternoon highway
stretching away from home
Thought smear the windshield
with their grit and bone

Wiping you from my mind
with the radio turned high
A sparrow flies too low
and leaves its body behind

A speck in the rear view mirror
is ruffled by the wind
Small dot on the roadside
reveals all my sins

You tell me it’s a common bird
not worthy of my tears
But I hope heaven has room
for lives such as these

(La, la, la, la
La, la, la, la) x 2

Sunday afternoon highway
white crosses in the rain
Songs on the radio
help to keep me sane

(La, la, la, la
La, la, la, la) x 2

Sunday afternoon highway (Sunday) x 3
Stretching away from home