zion astray

zion astray


With a sound that makes you tap your feet, clap your hands, and ignite your lighters, we will make you believe that the Oboe is cool! As a band we love to get the audience involved and feel the message of our music. Zion Astray is our way of proclaiming that we are willing to make a difference.


A long, long time ago....in a F.R.A.G. (finished room above a garage) tucked away in the big little town that is Galesburg, a vision was formed. What kind of vision you may ask? It was a vision that required people, talent, instruments and 2,400 watts of power. That vision was Zion Astray. In late July, summer of 2005, ZA was born. Started by Three crazy fellas wanting to show off what talent they thought they had. Those three men were Dustin Suydam, Keegan Siebken, and Ethan Tapscott. Later joined by the one and only Sarah Holman, the band was formed. They played local shows here and there and thought they were pretty fly....their dream was going fine until their bass player Dustin Suydam went off to Marine boot camp and later moved to Iowa. Wanting to keep the journey going they sought out the illusive Jason Moore. They found Jason playing guitar along the side of the road and convinced him to play bass, thus the band was reformed. After playing with each other for a year, ZA was yearning for a new sound, one that would drive the fans crazy. That sound was an instrument known to some as the saxophone. The man who brought that horn to life was Brandon Ouellette. Sadly the guitar man from the side of the road was compelled to continue his journey, so Mr. Ouellette took up the bass as well. You can find the band playing at local venues, the side of the road at Cornerstone, Pleasant Vineyard Ministries in Ohio, or in the surrounding communities. ZA is a Christian-based rock band that strives to spread their love for music to anyone willing to sit down and endure them.

Contact Info:
Ethan Tapscott


Hey Song

Written By: Keegan Siebken

when you hear the word "fire" does it describe the way your soul burns?
When you hear the word "desire" does it describe the way your life turns?
I'm sick and tired of always seeing these christians bend to all the things of this world
I'm sick and tired of always hearing excuses, hearing excuses,

'Cause HEY, who's gonna put out your fire?
When HEY, the lord is your only desire?

When you hear the word passion does it describe your reaction to the glory of the lord?
Are you left speechless trying to reach this because you just want more and more?
I've fried my brains trying to think of why when given the way the people tremble and die, so come along, come along, come along


First Step

Written By: Keegan Siebken

All the guitars are saying
Just what their players had in mind
And as you watch me play
All the memories come back to mind
of how we used to sit and talk
of how we'd never fall so far
as you know by now we have

I remember when we took
That first step our knees shook
And right then we knew that
Jesus is watching over us now

But you can see what has become of our lives
As we try to take our problems all by ourselves
So with sweaty palms, and trembling hands,
I'm caling out to you
to come back to the way we were
when we thought all this was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful


So I'm calling out to you
because all this time we've spent alone
has killed something inside
so you can rest assures that I will never stop
I will never stop
I will never stop
Spreading what I know



Written By: Melissa Bushnell, Sarah Holman

Desperation in her eyes
Despair in her heart
Spent her life searching for someone to fill the part
Always feeling she was never enough
Filling herself with sadness and shame
Bottle beside her full of guilt full of the blame

Jesus saw her
He heard every cry
Knew her emptiness, aching inside
Patiently he waited as she passed him by

If only she would run, run to jesus
Let him hold you
He'll take away your pain
Run, run to jesus
Give him your heart and he'lll wash clean your stains

The day came too soon and her body gave way
Sickness invaded, stealing her away
What she thought filled her, eventually it killed her and then it took her away



Run Away

Written By: Ethan Tapscott

The life she lives how can she stay
Torn down inside her feelings show
Too deep invovled to turn her back
Jesus knows the hope she lacks

Where can she go
What could she do

Got to run, got to run away
From the material
Turn away from the pain inside, come to the lord
He knows just what you need, he will lift you up
Got to run, got to get away
Run away

The life she knew has come and gone
She must move on and grow in strength
How can she live with this pain inside
The world she knew has turned its back
But shes....


She's lost her faith
He's got a plan
She's trying hard
He'll lift her up
She's breaking down
He's making his move


Run Away(3x)
You've got to run, got to run away(3x)


We completed a demo CD in 2006 that we recorded ourselves. We titled it 'Hot Outta The Oven' due to the fact that most of the recording work was done in a kitchen with good acoustics. *recording completed before Brandon Ouellette joined the band*

Set List

We use some/all of these songs depending:

Hey Song
Run Away
Break the Silence
Cast Away Pride
You Save Me
Bake a Pie
Turn to Grey
I'm Sorry
Hear Me
First Step
Come Away
You Were There
Show Me Your Will
I'm Falling
It's Not Easy
-Relient K covers(2)
-Fireflight cover(1)
-Heart of Worship("Rocked" out version)

Typical set 30-45 minutes(can go longer), 10-12 songs

We can play Acoustically or Electrically depending on the nature/venue of the show