Zion Judah

Zion Judah

 New York City, New York, USA

Zion Judah has a distinctive, modern, roots reggae sound that is laced with introspective lyrics and drenched in edgy, Marleyesque vibes that metaphysically transports the listener through inner-space.


Interview with Zion Judah

1) Tell me about the name Zion Judah?
- Both Zion and Judah have scriptural origins. Zion being a heavenly place, state or mindset; whereas Judah is one of the twelve tribes of Israel, the 4th son of Jacob, and literally means to Give Praise. Rastas also identify with the Tribe of Judah as the lineage of King David from which Ethiopian King Haile Selassie I descends. When combined, the name Zion Judah, to me, means Singer of Heavenly Praises; which can be further extrapolated to mean Seeker and Expresser of Divine Truths, and this interpretation helps to guide me as a conscious artist and human being.

2) How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard of you?
- Vocally I sound like a hybrid of Bob Marley and Maxie Priest from a parallel dimension…Lol. For the most part my music sounds like modern Roots Reggae with some urban elements. But more importantly it's the positive, lyrical content that shines through, and my live performance has to be witnessed in person to be fully appreciated.

3) Is there an overall message/theme that you deliver to your listeners?
- Of course….That life is our special journey through which we can rediscover our true selves and reconnect with the One, Infinite Source of Everything. We already know the answers to all the questions we ask, but to find them we have to meditate, we have to quiet the chattering ego-mind, we must look within and live from the heart. Always seek the truth with love and compassion, and when we raise our vibration the truth will find us. Then we'll realize that we are each the master of our own personal universe, while collectively experiencing one consensus reality. We don't need to be saved. We are not victims, we are simply asleep. All we need to do is WAKE UP! : )

4) What/Who are some of the inspirations for your new song “A World With Love.”
- The life, works and teachings of many have inspired "A World With Love." The main ones are: The Indigenous Peoples and Ancestors of Terra/Earth, Krishna, Buddha, Yehoshua/Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr, Bob Marley, Wayne Dyer, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Deepak Chopra, Seth/Jane Roberts, Abraham/Hicks, The Thrive Movement, and many more.
The motivation to pen the tune also stems from my personal realization that whatever we focus our consciousness on will amplify. Therefore, if we want the world to improve, we need to visualize an improved world. We need to feel in our hearts what it would feel like to live in A World With Love. For GOD is Love, and a wonderful world for all can only be made manifest with True, Unconditional Love - Love for one's self, and for all others, not just family and friends, but for all people, and all forms of life on Mother Earth and beyond.

5) Do you consider yourself spiritual or religious?
- I come from a multi-ethnic, Catholic/Hindu/Muslim/Rasta background, therefore it is impossible for me to be religious…Lol. Nevertheless, you and I are Spirit by default. All that we perceive originates from Spirit. We are individuated units of divine consciousness on our Human leg of a long marathon back to The Source. Spirit is what is really real. Everything else is illusion. So in order for me to keep it real, I have to be Spiritual. Music was a simple and natural starting point for me once I realized that my ability to write and sing meaningful songs was a spiritual gift, and that gifts are meant to be shared, not hidden or hoarded.

6) What is next for Zion Judah?
- An EP or full album release by Fall/Winter 2013. I would also like to publish a children's book that I've been working on; visit Sedona and Machu Picchu to soak up some vortex energy; then write some more songs and books.

7) Which songs should a newbie to Zion Judah check out first?
- A World With Love, Divine Creation, Positive Energy, and Can't Fool You.

8) Lastly, what advice would you offer new artists trying to make it in this industry today?
- If you've got the gift Neo, persist, persist, persist! Because as long as you keep creating, believing and sharing with others, you will become so skilled, experienced and familiar, that it will be impossible for you to remain in obscurity forever… and then you will be right as rain… : )




C.Y.O.R. - Create Your Own Reality (pronounced: “CURE“)

Written By: Zion Judah (Angelo D. Singh)

Skibby, Dibby, Do, Bah, Deh…
Stimulate Your Neural Network!
Oh oh… ohhh…ohh
Shift Your Paradigm!
Oh ohhhhhhhh…
Yeah, Yeah
Skibby, Dibby, Do, Bah, Deh
What Is Reality?
Is it Really, Real, really real?…

Deh pon your journey / What a long, long winding road...I say Pain and Despair / Heavy burden, heavy load
Man when you feel it / I & I & I will know (Brilliant)
If it nah kill you, it can surely make you grow.
Jah Know!!

Verse 1:

And I wonder if anyone ever told yah
You are a Spiritual solider
Trodding through the battlefield of Life yah know
Training evermore to make your Spirit grow
And I wonder if I told yah
That you’re gonna live forever
Would you misinterpret what I just said
Or would live today like it’s your last instead.


Hey Diddle, Diddle
The Cat & the Fiddle
The Dish ran away with the Spoon
And if that’s what you believe
Then that’s what you see
- Create Your Own Reality (2X)

Oh, Oh,Oh
Skibby, Dibby, Do, Bah, Deh (4X)
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh …

Verse II:

Had a dream / Was it real? / I don’t know
But I could touch / and could feel my big toe
I wasn’t me / But I was/ I could see
Through other eyes / I saw plurality

I saw myself/ Other selves / So many
Man Yes I AM/ Then and Now / I will Be
I saw more realms/ more than you can believe
More probable / than the tricks up your sleeve.

Saw Rastafari, Christ, Buddha, Ghandi
Saw Rosa Parks and me long-gone Granny
Saw Peter Tosh, Hendricks, and Bob Marley
And the Super-Duper rich Quantum field

Fly Like Bird / Swim like fish in the stream
From Highest Heights / To the depths of the sea
Shining light / Matter / All Energy
Everything Is Everything Ah Ready

Skibby, Dibby, Do, Bah, Deh (4X)
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh …

Verse 1

Chorus (2X)


Written By: Zion Judah (Angelo D. Singh)

I know…a time will come in your Soul Vibration
You reach higher heights Beyond Imagination
Wisdom, Build & Flow without any Resistance…Resistance
And you know…Frequent right practice Seek Perfection
Don’t be lead astray in your Convictions
When you reach the crossroads check rearview Reflection…Reflection


They can call it inni, miney, moe
Call it Even Tic, Tac,Toe
Ridicule what They don’t know…They don’t know
They can call it inni, miney, moe
Make a Reality Show
Ridicule what They don’t know…They don’t know


Quantum Vision, Fact or Fiction
Reality 3rd, 4th, 5th dimension
Don’t doubt like Thomas, Hung up on the Timeline
Everything is Everything
Same Place and Same Time
Yesterday, Today, even Tomorrow
Catch a glimpse of the Universe
Nah keep it man, Borrow
Now is the time to dispel your Sorrows, Sorrows
Life after life… after life after life after life
No beginning, infinitely no end
Consciousness Moving, Conscious Suspends
All of Creation, segue through the Heavens
You done know it already…You forgot, you forgot
To remember what ya got, what ya got, what ya got
Man you’re not a program, you’re not a human robot
They act like they know everything,
when they don’t know SQUAT, They know SQUAT

(Repeat Chorus)

Good Sensi

Written By: Zion Judah (Angelo D. Singh)

Adlib Intro:


I have a crocus bag of Sensi
In the back of the Land Rover
Meh Bredren bring four more in ah Uhaul van
All the way from Arizona
Him get ah link from ah Hondo Youth
Who Have a cousin down in Panama
Him Ah work pon a cargo ship
Up and down the Caribbean Area

Me Say they Can’t Stop the Sensi
Wicked Babylon
And if You Love Good, Good Sensi
Put Up uno Hand

Verse 1:

Sensimillia cure diseases, herb so green and pure
Relief from gluocoma, & asthma aint all
Coke and all them other things/ They make you livin’ spoil
Collie come so natural it grow from Jah, Jah soil

Sensimillia, ses, ganja farmer bless
Rasta man go reap/Mt. Zion harvest
Let the collie burn… here and everywhere
Smell the collie weed rising through the air


(Reapeat Chorus)

If sensi just ah herb/ Then why they fight it down
Why they keep on telling people/ Sensi is so wrong
But really I don’t give ah ish Bout stinkin’ BABYLON
Sensi is the wisdom weed/ To heal up the nation.

So bring your ganja tea/ Ganja brownie
Lick It in Your chalice/Fronto/Backwoods or Duchie
EZWider/Bamboo/Bong/ Rizzla
Sensi everyday keep away the Doctor


(Repeat Chorus)

Divine Creation

Written By: Zion Judah (Angelo D. Singh)

Yes Iya this one deal with spiritual revelation and Jah divine creation
What Jah put together no man can put asunder, seet
Oh now na na na now..Oh now yeah.. Oh now
Me say that they Can't Stop Creation
Talkin' bout Jah Divine Creation
See Babylon tumble down
Talkin' bout Jah Divine Creation
See Genesis Through Revelation
Me say they Can't Stop Creation
Watch Rome ah crumble now
Talkin' bout Jah Divine creation
Them a control the news media, ye yah
Disseminating them propaganda, ye yah
Weaving them web of believable lies, ye yah
Pulling nuff wool over the sheeple eyes, ye yah
(Repeat Chorus)

Listen now and observe carefully, ye yah
Them a construe, them own scenery, ye yah
Fabricating conflicts can't you see, ye yah
Keep conceiving true consipracy, ye yah

(Repeat Chorus) 2X

Many will try to destroy Jah's Creation, seet
But in their quest to establish supremacy over humanity
They shall fall victim to their own iniquity and spiritual deficiency, seet
Many forget that Jah is Omnipotent , Jah is Omnipresent
Jah is Alpha & Omega
The Beginning & the End..., yeah...
Jah is Life, Jah is Love
Jah's creation manifest Itinually...
Selah, Selah oh na na na now, yeah, oh now

(Repeat Chorus) 2X

The Great Shift

Written By: Angelo D. Singh

Verse I:
A long, long time ago...we once freely roamed...creating what was wholesome...for us and mother earth.
Then a path we chose amongst...the many, many probable...then we lost our way but ...we will find our way back home.

Chorus (1x):
Calling all you Divine kings and queens without crowns... Babylonianism got your minds wired wrong, so wrong.
Enlightenment awaits us The Great Shift has begun...your Higher-Self will never steer you wrong... Eliminating Limitations.

Verse II:
Do you ever ponder?...The...meaning of it all...the reason we are all here...or do you even care at all?
If this spaceship we ride on...is on the right course...and if we lost our way...Will...we find our way back home?

Chorus (1x):
Calling all you Divine kings and queens without crowns... Babylonianism got your minds wired wrong, so wrong.
Enlightenment awaits us The Great Shift has begun...your Higher-Self will never steer you wrong... Eliminating Limitations.

Bridge: Instrumental

Repeat Verse I (1x)

Repeat Chorus (2x)

Fade Out

Higher Consciousness

Written By: Angelo D. Singh

Verse I:
Heard a voice that said…
if they change their ways
and if they clean their hearts
they’ll see the Promised Land
Then that same voice said…
that the time is near
but their vibration
might be too low to get them there

What dem a-go do when the Gideon Buss
What dem a-go do when the last come first
What dem a-go do when the time come
For Higher Conscious-ness
What dem a-go do when the Big One come
What dem a-go do when there’s no place to run
What dem a-go do when the time come
For Higher Conscious-ness

Verse II:
I give thanks for Life
And all blessings each day
There is more to life…than…materialism
Religions all claim
to be number one
though they know not where
we are bound, nor where we come from

Repeat Chorus (1x)

Repeat Verse I (1x)

Repeat Chorus (1x)

Instrumental/Fade Out

Spiritual Evolution

Written By: Angelo D. Singh (BMI)

Verse I:

Over the mountains...across the seas
Solar systems...and galaxies
What we are seeking, can't find without...looking deep inside
Find what I'm talikg about, yeh

Chorus I:

Spiritual Evolution yeh...that's why we are here
Spiritual Evolution yeh...the reason we are here
Cast away your fears, and misconceptions...
awaken from your state of confusion...yeh, yeh...

Spiritual Evolution yeh

Verse II:

Stay well grounded, love mother earth...
she's the gaian mind yeh, she'll help you open up
Kundalini rising, chakras activate...
release those forces, and let the light shine in

Chorus II:

Spiritual Evolution yeah...that's why we are here
Spiritual Evolution yeh...the reason we are here
When you free your mind, your soul will follow...
and create in time a new tomorrow...

Spiritual Evolution yeh

repeat Verse I

Fade out

A World With Love


Verse I:
Why won't you pull your head out of the box, yeah...that you've got it in.
Contemplate why our world is...in the state that it's in.
And you ought to know that...thought forms reality.
Got to know yourself first, yeah....to create responsibly.
You can change the world!

Chorus I:
Create a world with love...as the foundation.
Create it with love...health and harmony.
Create a world with love...for the children.
A new world with love.

Verse II:
Have no fear for on your side...is the source that creates...
Solar systems, galaxies...and universes.
Meditate and visualize...then you'll dial in...
To the frequency of love...from which flows everything.
Create a new world!

Chorus II:
Create a world with love...as the foundation.
Create it with love...health and harmony.
Create a world with love...each and everyone.
A new world with love.

Where everyone is free...so free.
Physically free...yes free.
Mentally free...so free.
Spiritually free...truly free.

Chorus III:
Create a world with love...
Create it with love...
Create a world with love...
A new world with love...
Where everyone is free!


"A World With Love" (Single - Mt. Zion Records - 2012)
QUEST: Mundane to Metaphysical (Album - Mt. Zion Records 2011)
Roots & Culture (Single - Mt. Zion Records - 2005)
Divine Creation (Album - Mt. Zion Records - 2004)

Set List

Typical Set includes:
95% original songs

Set length: 45mins - 1hr.
No. of Sets: 1 - 2