is not classified in any musical genre in particular, itÂ’s just a combination of rhythms of urban Latin music and electronic rock, letting its musical creativity flow. Each of its members contribute to the music, putting their particular swing to each song, therefore the show and vibe is intimate


ZIONSTEREO out a band of any genre to create a unique style where each team member brings their creativity and musical talent.
Genres: rock salsa, acid jazz, electronic, industrial touches, Latin represented in Its trumpet and percussion are the musical influences which the band has, for their music creation without having a fusion of genres.
"We can play electro very well and move on to something more Latin rock "
This formula works well, made the work more daring, such as the CD in our country.
His first work, called "whips BALDOSA WITH STYLE" with songs like: Superfine, here we make it, time zero, are a sign that its music is to enjoy, to dance, the joy of life, therefore we qualify our lyrics as positive and cheerful.


Never down - 2005 : ep

Azota Baldoza whit syle - 2007

Set List

play list zionstereo...

- intro
- funn funy
- tiempo cero
- stereofonica
- intermedio musica....
- razon
- trip
- free way
- tropical beat
- here we make it
- superfino
- outtro