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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | SELF

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | SELF
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"Tribal Big Band"

(WADI Magazine) Tribal Big Band
By Ida Washington
Staff Writer
The first thing you thinking when you get this CD, in this case is reggae. The second thing you are thinking is ZioniPentecostal Church. Shortly, thereafter you forget all of that because it is irrelevant. What is relevant is the novel sound of these 7 musicians. Zion Troop sports an ensemble of 3 (count em’) drummers, 3 guitar players, 2 singers and a partridge in a pear tree.
Lately I have been getting more “fusion” CD’s, this fits into that category, and I do not really know how to box it into a music type. There is definitely reggae sounds, but there is also remnants of rock and folk. Appropriately, their is a very tribal feel, but westernized. Sometimes they sound a little bit like The Grateful Dead, but that is because it is a very complete and orchestral effect to have so much percussion with so much of everything else. But, this is a good sound. unlike that of The Grateful Dead (En my opinion remember, not yours.)
To be sure, this Minnesota based tribe is still looking to find themselves, but give them a few more recordings and get lost in the music. You can check them out at www.ziontribe.net.
- Wadi Magazine

"Zion Tribe"

Zion Tribe has been A listed by the City Pages, and had wright ups in Wadie magazine and the Brainerd Dispatch.

- Associated press


In 2007 A small press of Live lions EP was released locally. This release sold out!
Currently Available Is a special edition rerelease
That has a full ten tracks and has been remastered. This is available at www.cdbaby.com www.emusic.com and Internationally on Itunes and is currently streaming on last FM.
This release is soon to be followed By A full length Studio Release. Set for 2011.
You can also purchase music at Ziontribe.net



Harmony Park Harvest Fest 2003 : The fire was burning bright. The sounds of drums and chanting filled the air, it was late of course. The stage was cold and empty. Joshua looked at me and smiled "It's Time" So I grabbed my Guitar and he his dejimbe. This was not the first time we had done this, but we had no idea what lay in store. Without stages, lights or amplifiers we won the crowd that night. Song after song rose from our hearts and soon we were joined by another guitarist and a horn player and more drummers. Numbers have been exaggerated as to just how many people were there that night. Truth is no one really knows.
For the rest of the weekend every one asked: "What band are you in? You're Not? Well you should be."
And from the ashes of that Harvest Fest fire circle rose Zion Tribe.
Since then Zion Tribe Has gone on to play many venues, festivals, block parties, and charity events. Zion Tribe Even Found Itself returning to Harmony Park This Time on the main Stage.
Shortly after all the members were solidified Zion Tribe
began to work with Travis and Lynna a couple of fire spinning, Fire eating, Fire spiting, and Fire Dancing Performing Artist. This of-course really gets the crowds going. They have been known to add more fire performers to larger shows. However Zion Tribe has always stayed grounded in there music and excites crowds with or with out there friendly fire performers.

For Video Go to our myspace and click on video. www.myspace.com/ziontribejams

Zion Tribe has many influences in many deferent types of music.
That being said Dub, Roots, Funk, and Reggae are the major traits of the band.