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Ziplock Freshhh

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"Old school flow, new school energy." I bring a freshhh (pun intended) element to the game that has been missing in mainstream hip hop for a while- showcasing great lyrical ability over simple, gritty, yet melodic beats. I take it back to the essence without deterring from hip hop's current state.


"Family First" is a phrase that Freshhh lives by which is evident by the tattoo on his hands. Being a victim of a separate household at the age of 14 and bouncing from house to house through his high school years took a big toll on him emotionally. The person who put him at ease through his turmoil and shortcomings was his grandmother, Rosa Lee Solomon. He could always depend on her when nothing else would go right, but even Rosa Lee couldn't stop Freshhh from going down the dark path that he was headed toward. The drug dealing, gun toting Freshhh indulged in a lifestyle of fast money, women, and Nike footwear. He began to think that college and a career wasn't the path for him. By this time, Freshhh was 21, dropped out of 2 colleges, and really had nothing going for him. Freshhh found comfort in his grandmother Rosa Lee. She intervened and helped him get back on his feet. He was back in school and doing the right thing until April 1st, 2006 when his grandmother passed away. Freshhh dove back into dealing drugs heavy while using alcohol and participating in other illegal activities.

Family and love were the only things that eventually led Freshhh out of the drug game. He crossed paths with his college sweetheart, gained employment and began to mature as a person. He also became an active member on the car club scene in the area- Founder of Philly INC. He went from hustling drugs to hustling satellite TV as a DirecTV installer. Freshhh wanted to start a family and in 2008 he was expecting twins. Freshhh was extremely excited of his soon to be fatherhood. However, that excitement was shattered when his girlfriend went into labor 4 months early- the twins didn’t make it. Although this situation was rough for him, he didn't let it deter him from a life of fatherhood and a year later his daughter, Marleigh Janae Jackson, was born. Freshhh prides himself in being a father and full-time provider for his family. Still, this wasn’t enough for Freshhh. The 9 to 5 everyday grind wasn’t the life he envisioned and now that he had a family, the need to give them more weighed on him heavily.

Introduced to the music industry via his father's entertainment company Freshhh has always had a deep passion and appreciation for music early on in life, influenced by Tupac, Biggie, Black Thought, Jay-Z, Nas and various 90s "West Coast" rappers to name a few. In high school Freshhh was a comical guy who told jokes that rhymed. Those jokes transformed into lyrical content that encompassed his love for family, insights on life through trials and tribulations, and his love for footwear. Freshhh knew since childhood that he had what it took to make it in the music industry and in order to provide his family with the lifestyle they dream of, Freshhh knew he had to go for it full throttle. With several mixtapes under his belt and already set to release an all original project entitled- Infamous, Freshhh has gained notoriety from a number of media outlets- World Star Hip Ho- which he garnered over 10,000+ views within 24 hours of his featured video’s release, Dat Piff, All Hotness, and Coast 2 Coast to name a few. Freshhh utilizes his hustler mentality to maneuver through the business such as he did in the business of drug dealing.

“To me the term hustler doesn't apply to dealing drugs only. Most people I know are hustlers. They work extra hard to provide for themselves and their family. I was taught by my father, who was taught by his father, that a man should have a job and a hustle. He must always put his family before himself- for a man isn't judged by how he's doing, but by how his family is doing. …A lot of people don't understand the value of hustling to get what u need in life.” – Ziplock Freshhh

Desires of becoming a millionaire and escaping a life of normalcy, fuels his determination to go after his dream. Setting him apart from his compettitors is a sound that has been missing in mainstrem hip hop for a long time- great lyrical ability showcased over simple, gritty, yet melodic beats. Freshhh also brings forth unique approaches to the sneaker and car enthusiast cultures capturing the essence of them both in his music. With that, he has managed to develop a dedicated following of people who love the essence of hip hop, along with sneakersheads, and car enthusiasts. Freshhh was built with the tools to endure through life's hardships and he also has the tools to endure in the music industry.


Single- "Summer Madness (produced by D'Amazin)" - 5000+ combined youtube views
Single- "Hip Hop is All I Got" - finalist in the Coast to Coast Industry Mixer Tour (single performance)
Single- "Tear Drops" - featured in Unsigned Hype, 15000+ views on World Star Hip Hop
Mixtape- The Introduction (2010/2011)
Mixtape- Nothing Subpar (2011/2012)
LP- Infamous (releasing in the fall 2012)