Zippo Raid

Zippo Raid


Zippo Raid is the "Special Olumpics of Punk Rock"!!


ZIPPO Raid is Pure Boston PUNK ROCK!!! They have been kicking around for about 10 years. They have been called "The Special Olympics Of Punk Rock" because they act like a bunch of Retards and attract misfits, deviants, sluts, outcasts and of course Retards!!! The newest lineup of Zippo Raid is the best its ever been, It features the legendary Joe Zippo on Guitar and vocals, Ricky Magic from the Photon Torpedoes on Drums and backing vocals, and Rob B. Ridiculous ,formerly of Caffeine Addiction, on Bass and backing vocals. The newest addition to the Zippo Raid family is Chad, former guitarist for Salacious Crumb, now playing lead guitar. A Zippo Raid live performance is always Exciting and Unpredictable, A Drunken mess, a Train Wreck or a Symphony?... You Decide, Either way it will be a night you will remember. Zippo Raid are a bunch of Fuckin Losers, but they don't care, They thrive on it, You don't care either, You're a Fuckin Loser too!!! ,But thats what punk Rock is all about, so lets Drink some Beer and forget about your shitty job, Fat Ugly girlfriend or meaningless life. We are all "Losers To The End" time to have some fun!!!. Come on out to a Zippo Raid show, Buy Us Beer, Introduce us to your Sister or Mom, Girls show us your Tits, Give us your Dirty Panties, Give us Booby Hugs, Bands give us gigs, Labels release our new CD, Buy our CD's and T-Shirts Too, OK?


ZippoRaid's new release "The Special Olympics of punk rock" released in the fall of 2005. Tracks - "Losers Till The End", "Columbine", "Show us Your Tits", and many more.

ZippoRaid/Kermit's finger "They'll play anywhere" split EP released in 2000. Tracks - "Punk School", "This Time", and "Greg is a Pussy".

ZIPPO RAID "Punk Is In Season"1999 - with songs like "Tom Jode" , "Redneck" and many more!!

WAY TO MUCH TIME COMP.- Punk Rock Compilation from the Boston area. 9 bands with two tracks each. The bands are; Boxingwater, Last Mission, Chanticleer, Jericho, Jonee Earthquake Band, Missionshifter, Zippo Raid, Inner Truth, and Espontineo.

Set List

Greg is a Pussy
Racetrack Beer Slut
Drink Fight Fuck (GG Allin cover)
Losers to The End
Kids in America (Kim Wylde cover)
Show US You Tits
I'll Go Home With Anything

That is our 30 minute set. Losers To The End is played on several Boston radio stations.