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zircon (aka Andrew Aversa) is an award-winning composer, producer, engineer, and sound designer based out of Philadelphia and specializing in electronic music as well as music for video games, television, advertisements, and film. With three studio album releases and a growing list of both independent and corporate clients, Andrew has established himself as a top provider of fresh and unique music productions. In addition to his commercial projects, Andrew also regularly releases video game music arrangements through OverClocked Remix, writes tutorials and guides on music production and related topics, and spends time mentoring other musicians on a one-on-one basis.

zircon’s musical background is almost entirely classical, having taken piano lessons starting at the age of 7. It was not until high school that he was exposed, via video game music remixes, to the allures of other genres besides classical, jazz, and rock. By age 16 he had written his first original album, "Phasma Elementum," which combined video game-influenced melodies with driving dance and trance rhythms, receiving high praise. His second original album "Impulse Prime," which was completed by the time he reached 18, received three awards at the prestigous independent awards festival, the Just Plain Folks Music Awards, including Best Techno Album and Best Techno Song of the Year.

With the large-scale release of his highly anticipated third album, "Antigravity," zircon continues to threaten the structural foundation of homes across the world.


Electronic Demo Medley

Written By: zircon



Written By: Andrew Aversa

Male: Hello q-t. Those are some big monitors you have there.
Female: Oh do you like them. I just had them upgradedyesterday.


We're at the arcade
We're playing Time Crisis II, yeah
And I keep on losing lives
Cause I'm in love with you

I sold my PC to get you
A nintendo Wii
And all that I want to hear is
You'll go out with me


I spent six whole days
In a row pirating
The software that I used to write this
And I hope you will know
That the torrents were slow
But I'd do anything to get you, girl

Male: Female within proximity. Calculating romantic data. Processing. Processing. Found.


I remember when you asked me to
Co-host your podcast
We edited audio all night
And had a blast

We should go outside
But I've got allergies all year
And plus it's more fun
To just watch Voyager in here



Antigravity - 2007
Impulse Prime - 2005
Phasma Elementum- 2004

(all albums independently released)