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The much-anticipated follow up to the award-winning IMPULSE PRIME is finally here...

ANTIGRAVITY is the musical culmination of two full years of work, featuring over 50 minutes of soaring, pulsating, genre-bending rhythms and melodies. Though most of the songs focus on sharp, driving drumlines - phat beats, as it were - the genres included range from big beat, to trance, drum n' bass, new age/world fusion, and more. Regardless of style, zircon continues to apply stunning attention to detail in his complex sonic textures and dynamic songwriting, which draws its inspiration from artists like BT, Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, The Crystal Method, Ils, Pendulum, and others.

This time around, zircon is not the only musician forging evolved electronic soundwaves. With vocalist Jillian Goldin (www.jilliangoldin.com) powering two of the album's most anthemic tracks - "Breathing You In" and "Antigravity" - this is a side of zircon that you haven't heard before, but are sure to enjoy. Guitar prodigy Cain McCormack provides some truly overdriven instrumentals on the drum-n-bass song "Depth Charge", one of the album's darker, yet still organic, tracks. And on the Moby/Fatboy Slim-inspired "Nitronic", Jimmy Hinson (www.biggiantcircles.com) tears it up with some funky fresh synth soloing.

If you are a longtime zircon fan, you will not be disappointed with the next stage of musical development and refinement contained in ANTIGRAVITY. If you are a new listener and enjoy electronic music to any degree, you'll love the blend of hard-hitting beats, ethereal pads, and intricate blends of real and artificial sounds that has become zircon's signature style.

zircon (Andrew Aversa) has been a covert ops electronic music specialist since 2002, and currently focuses on developing cutting-edge, rhythm-based defensive systems. His headquarters are presently located in Philadelphia. Recent breakthrough research has led him to pursue music supply operations to film, TV, video games, ads, and other media platforms. Though trained with classical knowledge in the field, Andrew was brought up to speed on modern methods of sonic delivery and has spent the last five years honing his technique. He also releases video game music arrangements and remixes via classified distribution channels (www.ocremix.org) and is regularly employed in the fields of mastering and sound design. - www.cdbaby.com/zircon3

Leaving the Atmosphere: Electronica Artist zircon
Releases Third Album, "Antigravity"

May 10, 2007
Contact: Larry Oji
(703) 521-0798

PHILADELPHIA--Award-winning artist Andrew Aversa—known by his fans as zircon—announced today the release of his third album, "Antigravity."

"This has been a true labor of love for me," zircon said of his latest offering, which integrates a unique blend of breakbeat, big beat, trance, drum and bass, and world fusion into 13 action-packed tracks. The album also features various collaborations with artists from the game arrangement community OverClocked ReMix (http://www.ocremix.org), where zircon has released over a dozen free songs.

zircon first made waves in the music scene in 2006 with his "Impulse Prime" album, which was awarded "Best Techno Album" that year at the Just Plain Folks Music Awards.

"My inspirations for this album are pretty diverse," zircon said, listing BT, Fatboy Slim, Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, and Moby as some of the artists who have borne the most influence on his latest offering. "But by no means am I trying to ‘be’ them. I think my fans already know and any new listeners will find I've got a style pretty uniquely my own."

zircon, who currently resides in Philadelphia, is a multi-talented composer and producer. He has composed, arranged, performed and engineered all of his albums, in addition to his freelance work for other artists and video game companies.

The album is available at the independent online retailer CD Baby for $12.99 (http://www.cdbaby.com/zircon3) as well as iTunes and other major digital music distributors.

For more information, please visit http://www.zirconstudios.com.

- Larry Oji

(From website)

Are you tired of low-quality, canned music for your media productions? Are you looking for something special to give your soundtracks an edge? Get the music for your productions that will drive your message home. With Zircon Studios providing your music, your sales video will turn heads and capture attention immediately. When people play your latest video game, they'll turn the volume UP, not down. Feel confident in relying on years of experience. Whether you need exclusive, custom-written music for your project, or you want to license existing high-quality tracks at unbeatable rates, Zircon Studios will work with you until you're completely satisfied. You don't need to have a big budget to enjoy top-class service and results, either!

Email admin@zirconstudios.com today and take one step closer to getting the right music for your production.

Recent Testimonials:

"Recently, I had the privelege to license one of his songs for an online flash video ad to promote one of our new sporting goods product lines. Andrew provided a number of great options of which one song in particular perfectly fit our musical needs and budget." - Michael Borges, A.M. Systems

"Working under an ultra-tight deadline Andrew was able to produce amazing results that completely surpassed client expectations. I highly recommend his work!" - Dr. Greg Wilder, President Steeprock Media

- www.zirconstudios.com

* In the 2006 Just Plain Folks Music Awards (www.jpfolks.com) zircon's 2nd album Impulse Prime won Best Techno Album. 25,500 albums total were submitted to the contest, and there were about 85 categories. In the Techno category was electronic composer Frank Klepacki who has written the music for the Command & Conquer series of games, which have sold 20+ million copies.

* At the same JPF Awards, the song "Tomorrow" from Impulse Prime won Best Techno Song. The song "Acid Dominion" from the same album came in 3rd in that category.

* zircon writes tutorials about music production, available on his website to the general public - they have been downloaded thousands of times each.

* zircon has been deeply involved in a community called OverClocked ReMix (www.ocremix.org) which is centered around free, fan-made arrangements of video game music. His own remixes have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times - he has 12 on the site and 3 unreleased collaborations. He am an active participant of that community, being a moderator on the forums and a "judge" that helps to evaluate the hundreds of submissions the site gets yearly.

* zircon is coordinating a remix project for the legendary video game "Final Fantasy 7". This is probably one of the most anticipated fan-made remix albums ever, and should be released this year at some point. Over 35 songs will be on it, and zircon will have at least 3 on it (some collaborations). The title is "Voices of the Lifestream". The discussion thread about the remix project has been viewed on the OverClocked ReMix (OCReMix) forums over 34,000 times and the project isn't even out!

* zircon cohosted a podcast called "VGDJ" with his girlfriend, Jillian Goldin (www.jilliangoldin.com) aka pixietricks. It was #1 in the Music/Radio category on PodcastAlley for months. While the show had rotating hosts, this pair ran it for 8-9 months. Episodes were downloaded thousands of times per day with a large fanbase. The podcast has been defunct since Jan 2007 but the website is @ www.vgdj.net along with all the old episodes (nearly 70).

* zircon has written numerous songs for music libraries like Toby Arnold & Associates (radio). He presently writes music for Orpheus Music Library (tv/film/general), and has licensed Impulse Prime to UniqueTracks (another general library). He has directly licensed music to a few different companies for advertising purposes, and wrote a custom song for a corporation, Antec, to use in their sales videos.

* zircon does mixing & mastering work for various independent musicians.

* zircon programs and sells synthesizer patches for the "Zebra 2" software instrument (www.u-he.com/zebra) - two banks of 64 sounds each for $15 each, $25 as a bundle. They are for dance & electronic music. These sounds were used on his new album, and reviews of the sounds have been very positive. - zircon


Antigravity - 2007
Impulse Prime - 2005
Phasma Elementum- 2004

(all albums independently released)


Feeling a bit camera shy


zircon (aka Andrew Aversa) is an award-winning composer, producer, engineer, and sound designer based out of Philadelphia and specializing in electronic music as well as music for video games, television, advertisements, and film. With three studio album releases and a growing list of both independent and corporate clients, Andrew has established himself as a top provider of fresh and unique music productions. In addition to his commercial projects, Andrew also regularly releases video game music arrangements through OverClocked Remix, writes tutorials and guides on music production and related topics, and spends time mentoring other musicians on a one-on-one basis.

zircon’s musical background is almost entirely classical, having taken piano lessons starting at the age of 7. It was not until high school that he was exposed, via video game music remixes, to the allures of other genres besides classical, jazz, and rock. By age 16 he had written his first original album, "Phasma Elementum," which combined video game-influenced melodies with driving dance and trance rhythms, receiving high praise. His second original album "Impulse Prime," which was completed by the time he reached 18, received three awards at the prestigous independent awards festival, the Just Plain Folks Music Awards, including Best Techno Album and Best Techno Song of the Year.

With the large-scale release of his highly anticipated third album, "Antigravity," zircon continues to threaten the structural foundation of homes across the world.