Wellington, Wellington, NZL

Zirigidum are a dynamic 9 piece Brazilian/Kiwi fusion band from Wellington, that plays an array of traditional samba rhythms mixed with reggae, funk and rock, using a combination of Brazilian percussion, saxophone, flute, guitars, bass and drums, and, of course, gorgeous vocal harmonies.


Zirigidum was formed in 2008 by a diverse group of talented Kiwi and Brazilian musicians to explore Afro-Brazilian music. Their band name comes from the sound of the samba beat.
Brought together with the kiwi can-do attitude and love of Brazilian music, Zirigidum perform an array of traditional samba rhythms mixed with reggae, funk, and rock. They combine lashings of percussion with smooth horns, flute,
guitars, bass, and drums, along with the gorgeous vocal harmonies of singers Alda Rezende and Nikkie Rich. With lyrics in both Portuguese and English, Zirigidum convey the essential Brazilian musical vibe, in a style that is accessible
to a wide range of kiwi audiences.
The band has been playing at a range of events and festivals around Wellington and New Zealand, as well as performing on national TV. With huge drums and loads of Brazilian percussion, Zirigidum moves even the most reserved crowd!


ZiIRIGIDUM, including:
Capoiera Chameleon
Os Afros Sambas
Lady Luck Divine
Morena do Mar
Island Bay Dream