"The band is a pure legend, having been around for over three decades." DHNS


Intense-looking character of an Indian prince, he is now a sym¬bol of Reunion Island. Humanist poet and man of convictions, this singersongwriter is the charismatic leader of the band Ziskakan he founded in 1979. Madagascar and Indian music, African drums, Creole texts ... His style is a reflection of Reunion, mixed.

Ziskakan rised up in an island politically parted in two with the supporters of the department status on one side and the partisans of the autonomy on the other. Resistance immediately organized itself around this emerging band who dared say out loud what others thought. Thirty years later, the split between the supporters of the department status/autonomy followers hasn’t outlived the election of the first socialist president of the fifth republic. From now on, the Maloya belongs to Humanity World heritage.
In the meantime, Ziskakan has grown and has even hit the professional lights in the mid-90s through a historical contract with Island record, Bob Marley’s record company. New Morning, Central Park, Sun City ; everywhere Ziskakan has sown the seeds of ternary music directly originating from Slavery. A music endowed with multiple influences, sometimes Malagasy (Madagascar),
sometimes Indian (Banjara) that the band carries on exploring and carefully respecting the recipe which made them successful : a spicy music supported by committed lyrics.

After 30-year career, twelve albums, a rich repertoire, touring national and international, awards worldwide and a captivating journey, the Ziskakan group returns with a new CD / DVD release Live at Sakifo.
It was a magical concert that the band offered to a converted at the closing of the 7th edition of the Sakifo Festival punctuated with the presence of surprise guests such as Matthieu Chedid and Alex Sorres.


2011 : Live at Sakifo - CD/DVD
2009 : Madagascar - album
2006 : Banjara - album
2004 : Reunion Live - DVD
2002 : Live au Casino de Paris - CD
2001 : Rimayer, album
2000 : 4 ti mo, album
1999 : 20 tan, album
1996 : Soley Glasé, album
1992 : Bato Fou, album
1989 : 10 zan, album
1983 : Moringer, album
1981 : Kaskanikola, album
1979 : Ziskakan, album