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Hoboken, Flanders, Belgium | MAJOR

Hoboken, Flanders, Belgium | MAJOR
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"A concert lile a sunrise."

It was beautiful to see how attentive the audience kept listening for an hour and a half. While the collective worked itself to a climax, the enthusiasm in the audience grew and the applause kept getting fiercer.

Carlens opened the concert with his dobro guitar and introduced a first guest from “the other world” that he had discovered. Mamadou Diabaté Kibié is a master on the balafon (an African version of the xylophone), rooted in the traditional manding music of West Africa. A subtle dynamic immediately occurred between the two, which also completely flourished once singer Awa Démé joined the colorful group. With her hoarse and loud voice she stood preaching on stage and sang about her country, conquered loves and god’s inscrutability. Stef Kamil completed this traditional word play with English lyrics. A reinterpretation like no one else can make: thoughtful, a little wailing. The rhythm varied from dancing and intense to peaceful and calm.”
- De Morgen

"Wait for Me"

“In one sentence: A concert that, despite the often serious content of the songs, burst with vitality and joy of life and confirmed that music bridges all cultural and verbal gaps.

‘Wait For Me’ was a success in every way: an organic project with profound meaning, Stef Kamil Carlens once again shows he doesn’t shy away from an artistic challenge…and it’s the result of a warm dialog between two cultures, a creative alliance based on mutual respect.

It was at once obvious, during the instrumental openers, how naturally the circular play of the Africans blended with the still recognizable Zita sound. The music had a natural flow to it, and proved to be flexible and lively. Even though the songs often dealt with serious social, ecological or moral problems, you couldn’t tell from the positive vibes.

With the swinging ‘Sababu’, singer Awa Démé, dressed in traditional clothes and with a voice like a bell, also appeared on stage. She alternated her vocal contributions, in her own language, with Carlens’ English verses.” - Focus Knack

"Magical Zitafrica"

“Magical Zitafrica. We enter gently into “Wait For Me” which reunites Zita Swoon Group, Awa Demé and Mamadou Diabaté Kibié; we are overwhelmed. At the same time, everything seems to flow from the source, we are immediately at the center of it. Diabaté Kibié’s balafon brings a fascinating but continuously delicate energy to the melodies. Then, Awa Demé, with her raw and beautiful voice, her sunny personality, her swaying gait, quickly captivates the audience which soon regrets being seated. The singing is a constant dialog, between Demé (in Bambara) and Carlens (in English and French). The concert goes crescendo, until it enters a high energy phase, typical of the Antwerpians but magnified here by their African brothers.”
- La libre Belgigue



1993 A Beatband Jintro Travels the Word in a Skirt Jack & Johnny
1997 Zita Swoon Music Inspired by Sunrise, a film by F.W. Murnau
1998 Zita Swoon I Paint Pictures on a Wedding Dress
2000 Zita Swoon Plage Tattoo / Circumstances
2001 Zita Swoon Life = a Sexy Sanctuary
2001 Zita Swoon Live at the Jet Studios
2004 Zita Swoon A Song about a Girls
2005 Zita Swoon Camera Concert – A Band in a Box
2007 Zita Swoon Big City
2008 Zita Swoon Big Blueville
2009 Zita Swoon To Play, To Dream, To Drift
2011 Zita Swoon Group Dancing With The
2012 Zita Swooin Group Wait For Me



Wait For Me , which combines raw acoustic blues with traditional Mandinka music, and results from the encounter between the band and Burkina Fasso musicians Awa Démé & Mamadou Diabaté Kibié.

Zita Swoon has been one of Belgium's most popular rock bands, ever since Stef Kamil Carlens left dEUS (which he co-founded with Tom Barman) and started the group around the mid-'90s, under the name Moondog Jr. (soon rechristened Zita Swoon, at the request of Louis Hardin, the original Moondog).

After releasing a string of successful albums and touring around Europe, Stef Kamil began to feel restricted by the commonly-accepted notions of how a 'rock band' should operate, and gradually turned Zita Swoon into a polymorphous collective, which works on a range of specific projects, often combining different media.

Zita Swoon Group's most recent project is Dancing with the Sound Hobbyist, a collaboration with the acclaimed choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, which involves one dancer and the band's seven musicians. This piece has been performed in a number of theatres and arts centers around Europe, and several further performances are scheduled for 2012.

Meanwhile, Stef Kamil Carlens is already working on several future projects for the coming couple of years: a show at the Singel in Antwerp, entitled New Old World (featuring instrumental music and videos), another one, commissioned by Brussels' Kaaitheater (involving dance and visual arts), as well as the follow-up to this new album.

Wait For Me will however be at the center of the band's upcoming activities, with several tours already being planned.