Pizza T's Z Kamp Ex

Pizza T's Z Kamp Ex


Z Kamp is one awesome good show. Evergreen's best. To find out what your getting into go to youtube and search "Z Kamp Halloween Intro" and you can see them bust out live. Or check out the latest music video by searching "Z Kamp Alibaba 2010". Every show has something special and new. Join the fun.


Based out of Olympia, Washington. Pizza T and Pizza MTM have been playing music and making movies together since 2001. They met at the Evergreen State College in 2000 and share a passion for art and spirit of rock. Together they started Pizza T's Z Kamp Ex or Z Kamp for short. Z Kamp has opened for Donna Jean from the Grateful Dead and David Gans of the Grateful Dead Hour. Tommy Mckaughan aka Pizza T and Micheal T Mercker aka Pizza MTM formed Z Kamp in 2006.They have also played with the European Psychedelic legend Daevid Allen of Planet Gong. Recently, they played the Jack Herer Memorial show in Olympia and headline the Spokane Music Culture Barter Festival. In 2007 Z Kamp became a local staple at the Olympia Hempfest and has played there ever since. In 2008 Z Kamp was caught up in hot celebrity gossip and was featured in STAR Magazine and on Evening Magazine the local NW TV show. The band has a full name which is Pizza T and the Z Kamp Exploration in which the Ex word changes every year because Z Kamp believes change is the only constant. So far it's been the Experience, Experiment, Express, and Extravaganza. From Vermont to Colorado, Z Kamp gets around. Just recently they sold 200 cd's at Sasqwatch Music Fest. THere dream is to play Seattle Hempfest!!!!!!!!


We currently have 2 studio releases and one live CD on Pizza T Recordz.

You can hear tracks from both of these albums on KAOS 89.3fm and FRO 98.5 fm, as well as several independent internet radio stations throughout the US.
Online they are active almost everywhere.
*Z Kamp released their second studio album, titled WHERUHJUANUHGO, for their spring tour of April 2008. The album has received great acceptance by audiences and fans nationwide.
Z Kamp teamed up with Ed Riebsamen of Roots Vision Design for the cover of WHERUHJUANUHGO. He is the creator of The Ghetto Lot Kids and a very talented and respected artist.

*Z Kamp's first official studio album is 'Doyajuanuhwinnuhrainbo'. This album was released March 2007.

*Z Kamp 'Summer Kamp 2006' CD which we sold all summer out of the back of a 1988 Subaru, while the band was on tour. Several hundred copies of this album were also given out at the 2006 Rainbow Gathering.

Set List

Z Kamp sets differ from show to show. They are always high energy and can go from a song to a structured heartfelt jam. Also Z Kamp has dancers that have dance routines to certain songs and they perform with Z Kamp frequently. Z Kamp performs about 90% originals. Z Kamp does a stellar Terrapin. They also do a variety of covers from Sonic Youth to Prince.

Based on what is needed, Z Kamp can play a variety of set times, based on what is needed and can play from a 1/2 hour to eternity.