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Combine the descriptive storytelling of Nas with the universal appeal of Tupac and the swagger and humor of Too Short, and you've got Zoser.


Building upon the musical models established by the fathers of modern hip hop, Zo is next in line to gain worldwide attention. With his unique voice, energetic delivery and innovative concepts he set himself apart from the current crop of rappers. Zo's music is so thoughtful and honest that listeners everywhere have become addicted-amazed at how he puts his songs together turning music listening into an experience that pulls listeners out of their world and into his.

Born in Chicago, IL and raised for most of his years 10 miles south in the suburb of Glenwood, Zo now reps the Chi once again. His father, a jazz musician who taught music on the city's West Side for over 20 years surrounded Zoser with every type of music from Etta James to Stevie Wonder. Zo recalls waking up plenty of nights from the sound of his father's saxophone or trumpet in the basement and running downstairs to find him reminiscing with a cup of scotch.

Starting where his old man left off Zoser began saving the money he'd make from raking leaves, shoveling snow or any other hustle he could come up with and paying for studio time at the age of 15. Over the years his style has become ONE OF A Kind. Zoser has worked with producers N.O.I.D., Dug Infinite, Needlz, Jamal Rasheed, Mr. Williams, 5th Element, Kenny Keys and the Molemen. He 's done songs with Raekwon, One Be Lo, Juice, Sirius Jones, Outerlimitz, Jah Safe, Mela J., Curtis Mayfield Jr and more.


2003-1 Day At A Time(LP)
2006-1 Day At A Time, Day 2:Zo(LP)

Set List

1. Rough, Wrong
2. Styles By the 1000s
3. Streets We Live In
4. Playas Bounce
5. Thats Whatsup
6. No jokes No Games
7. Home.

Typical sets are from 20 to 30 mins but have gone as long as 1 hour.