Energetic rock trio, ZO2, melds the funk and swagger of the 70's with the sensibilities of modern rock creating music with powerful, anthemic intensity. Charismatic and dazzling showmanship marks a return to electrifying live performances


Talk is cheap – especially in rock ‘n roll! All that matters are the music and the performances. Melding the funk and swagger of the 70s with modern arrangements, harmonies and lyrics, ZO2 is single-handedly infusing the rock world with the energy and excitement it has so long been missing.

ZO2’s highly anticipated second CD, “Ain’t It Beautiful”, including songs such as the politically explosive “Isolate”, the satirically charged “If You See Kay” and the emotive “Comin’ Home”, proves once again ZO2 is a rock n’ roll force with which to be reckoned.

ZO2’s debut independent release, “Tuesdays & Thursdays” won the band surprising attention. Within weeks of its release, ZO2 was on the main stage opening for Kiss and Poison on their entire 40 city national, VH1 sponsored “Rock the Nation” tour and the toughest audiences in the world embraced them with standing ovations every night.

Featuring brothers Paulie Z (vocals, guitar) and David Z (vocals, bass guitar) and Joey Cassata (drums, vocals), the members’ individual musical achievements are noteworthy: David as the bassist for the enormously successful Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Joey in the highly successful and critically acclaimed Blue Man Group and Paulie as a featured vocalist on many of Howard Stern’s infamous song parodies and also as the creator of NYC’s popular ZO2’s Rock Asylum featuring local and national rock artists each month proving that rock n’ roll is alive and prospering and the rock community is still thriving, hungry and begging for more.

ZO2 isn’t resting for even a moment as they bring the party and their personal brand of high energy rock n’ roll to enthusiastic audiences in clubs across the country from NYC to LA. And radio is proving as supportive as the clubs. ZO2 has been featured several times on the nationally syndicated radio show, “The Tourbus”. They’ve also appeared on Mark “The Animal” Mendoza’s radio show on Long Island’s The Bone and made a guest spot on Eddie Trunk’s syndicated radio show with the legendary Joe Lynn Turner.

And what does ZO2 mean? Clearly, it’s the formula for rock ‘n roll.


LP: Ain't It Beautiful (due for Jan 2007 release)
LP: Tuesdays & Thursdays (released 2004)

Set List

Anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes long.