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I believe I have a style that incorporates the natural love of music, when it was about the harmony of two things in the original sense. My style of writing expresses my love for the original pioneers of R such as Dinah Washington, Brook Benton, Anita Baker, Bafyface, etc.



Lorenzo Pawnell is a gifted songwriter with a writing ability that is uniquely his own. Greatly influenced by Blues and R&B styles, even as a very young man, Lorenzo enjoyed the sounds of Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Anita Baker, Stevie Wonder, Dinah Washington and Brook Benton.

Lorenzo was born on Feb 18, 1977, in East Saint Louis, Illinois, but it wasn’t until after his family relocated to San Antonio, Texas and just after he joined the military, that Lorenzo’s true passion for songwriting took hold. In 1995, he seriously started applying his talent for writing lyrics and one year later, Lorenzo pursued his love of songwriting by starting his own company called “Choice Productions.” Today Lorenzo focuses his attention on turning out New Age Neo, Alternative, Soul, Hip Hop and Country music. He successfully creates songs performed by local groups and artists including “1st World Click Out” in the St. Louis, Missouri area.

For more than a decade, Lorenzo has been building his music portfolio, earning respect and recognition for his unique and interesting style. Using a variety of computer software programs to enhance his lyrics, he has literally turned his passion into a promising career. As testament to his ability, the creative manager of the Paramount Group, a dynamic music connection for songwriters around the world, was so impressed by Lorenzo’s lyrics that in 2007, they offered Lorenzo a 3 demo-recording contract.

Always eager to create, Lorenzo Pawnell, Lyricist, Producer & Artist finds inspiration from life and is motivated by everything in his environment. He aspires towards writing and producing music that brings a different perspective to the world. To quote Lorenzo: “My wish is that one-day, my music will be heard around the world, bringing a smile to the lips of those who hear it and inspiring all those that listen.”

Lorenzo attended Berkley College of Music, where in the spring of 2007, he received professional certification in Audio Engineering. He will be completing his military stint in December of 2008. Lorenzo writes all of his own music and targets his specific genre of music to publishers and A & R companies. He can be contacted by phone at ( ) or by e-mail at Lorenzo.Pawnell@fusemail.com



Written By: Lorenzo Pawnell

Hey baby can I talk to you bout something that’s been on my mind
no it can’t wait ‘til later, yes right now right now is the perfect time
I know you’re tired, hell so am I but this you need to hear tonight
‘cause I ain’t witing til it’s too late to tell you how I feel inside
I know you think that you know but you have no idea
yes I love you it’s true but that’s not half of it
there’s so much more......I breathe for you

I breathe for you
lady I breathe for you
I breathe for you
Lady I breathe for you

If I’m the sky then you’re my star, without I just wouldn’t be right
‘cause when it’s dark out I can’t find my eay if you’re not there to be my light
they say some people don’t know what they have until it’s too late
but I can’t wait that long can’t afford to make that mistake (oh no)
‘cause when you’re not around my heart stops, my pulse fades, I can’t breathe
I know you think that you know but you have no idea ....
Lady I breathe for you

I breathe for you
lady I breathe for you
I breathe for you
Lady I breathe for you ( Repeat 2x then fade out