BandHip Hop

Artists / Producer out of Atlanta, GA via Flint, MI. Very witty wordplay that sneaks up on you. Sold a couple thousand records locally moved to GA to expand on the brand. Has been compared to Jay-Z, Wu-Tang, and 50 Cent.


ZOD is a Rapper/Producer out of Flint, MI. He now resides in Atlanta. He made the move in an effort to take the music to another level. ZOD had a decent amount of success in the Flint area before he left, moving units of his album and mixtapes, as well as a nice amount of radio play on some of the most popular shows in the area. Since moving to Atlanta he has hooked up with a few producers that have worked with major artists and they were all highly impressed with the skill set that he brings to the table. When you hear a ZOD verse you can be sure to hear witty wordplay and emotion. Some reviews have likened him to the likes of Jay-Z, 50 in his prime, and the Wu-Tang Clan. He says “That its cool to be metioned alongside some of these artists, but I am just being me.”


Team Chaos Mixtape - Let Em Know
Under Fire - Mixtape
Team Chaos - The Storm Mixtape
In ZOD we Trust - EP
Vote or Die Mixtape
ZOD Administration Mixtape
Love or Hate - Single