ZoDiggsz Diligent

ZoDiggsz Diligent

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
SoloHip HopSoul

I work with a 4 piece band... we are the
the soul of HipHop, Im not a rapper, Im just a blues singer who can't sing and speaks in allusion to an upbeat tempo, that slows down when im broke


Originally from Utica New York, but I hail Alexandria Virginia, so im influenced by D.C. Gogo Bands like Rare Essence and NorthEast Groovers. I was raised on Stevie Wonder, Temptations, and the Manhattans, so I keep the soul in my music. Someone once asked Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight, how they stayed relevant over the years. Their reply was that their music is about life. The hurt, the pain, and the joy, because everyone can relate to those simple things. Thats what my music is about. Trends die and people fade but life goes on. My story is no different than other struggles... but my music is set apart from others simply because its mine, Im not influenced by other rappers, because then i will be just another rapper, another conglomerate. Im influenced by my life and the lives around me, that is what I reflect, my music tells my biography

Set List

Songs Include
Sweet Chariots

Life Goes On...

Im Wondering...


Drive Me Crazy

About a 15 Minute Set, Real Cool and Live