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Zoe Xandra

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2020

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Established on Jan, 2020
Solo Pop Singer/Songwriter




"Zoe Xandra Reminds Us of The Importance of Self-Worth With Her Latest Hit “Better off Alone”"

Hailing from the suburbs of Waterloo, Ontario, singer/songwriter Zoe Xandra gets her foot in the music industries door with her latest uplifting song “Better off Alone”. From Waterloo to Toronto, she has grown and shaped her melodic pop sound with life experiences and thrived off providing authentic emotions through each track. Her song “Better off Alone” serves sublime messages that relate to each and every one of us, capturing the essence of the difficulties of moving on from lost love. All in all, the track brings light to these dark days and is the perfect song to add to your self-iso playlist.

The track begins with uplifting piano chord progressions, background snaps and the subtle picking of an electric guitar. Zoe Xandra’s bright and lush vocals are left in the spotlight, all while serving an upbeat and textured melody ready to get you out of your seat. As the track continues, a variety off fresh drum patterns presents themselves perfectly polishing the songs' loveable atmosphere. Arriving at the chorus, Zoe Xandra changes up her vocal delivery with short staccato lyrics that serve a passionate and relatable message. With heartfelt lyrics like “Left foot, right foot, both heavy as a stone. Don't want you by my side but it’s all I’ve ever known”, Zoe Xandra has created a riveting yet sensitive song for us all to be “Better off Alone” as we stand together, apart. - Buzz Music

"Zoe Xandra: "Blah Blah”"

Ever knew someone who wouldn’t take a hint? Someone who gets all up on you, can’t stop talking to you about themselves, dropping lame one-liners and pickup-lines like they were rose petals? Urban Indie Pop artist Zoe Xandra has the perfect response in her newest song, “Blah Blah.”

Full of confidence and a blunt attitude, this is a perfect track for a break-up recovery playlist. The chill acoustic and electronic mix backing the matter-of-factly lyrics are a soundtrack for anyone’s confident strut back out onto the dance floor or the dating scene. With one of the most common pick-up lines deconstructed into a catchy hook, you’ll find yourself singing along as you get ready to go out and break hearts, guaranteed. The video for this song is just as straightforward, with Zoe Xandra, glossy lips and Colgate-White smile the only thing in frame, singing this declaration of disinterest and independence so there’s no illusion.

We all need something to spice up the more mundane parts of our lives. Being confident and curving dudes with nothing to offer but tired words pairs extremely well with this ‘don’t mess with me’ anthem. - Gas Mask Magazine

"Zoe Xandra drops EP Titled "TMI""

Toronto based Pop artist Zoe Xandra is dropping her brand new EP tomorrow titled, TMI. The EP is all about heartbreak and healing scars, something we can all relate to. Xandra opens up to us about her life story and struggles
If you're a pop music lover you'll love this EP. Xandra has a refreshing voice with relatable lyrics and is very open about her life and struggles, which is inspiring and something that we need to encourage more of. I loved it and I can't wait to hear what else she puts out! - The Soundtrack


Still working on that hot first release.



Singer-songwriter, Zoe Xandra, introduced herself to the scene with her single release, “Tokyo” in October of 2019. Although being new to the music scene, her background extends to her early childhood in Waterloo, Canada. In this suburbia, her adolescence was spent developing a vulnerable voice in her writing and refining her talents as a musician. It was, however, her time in Toronto that really shaped and defined her musical direction, giving you the sound you can find in her EP “TMI”.  Zoe Xandra has created a clean pop sound with underlying modern melodic qualities. She has always admired songwriters that not only wear their heart on their sleeve, but are also able to communicate real thoughts and emotions in an authentic and meaningful way. Zoe is a classically trained pianist with her first love for music growing from the classical genre. Although she always wrote music, it was not until her later years that she pursued new styles and genres, prompting her work with renowned vocal coach, Elaine Overholt.  Zoe Xandra’s music carries a depth of emotion with it that creates space for the listener to hear an authentic voice as she tells her story.

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