Zoe Elliot

Zoe Elliot

 Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

Zoe Elliot is a prolific song writer. She has performed her solo acoustic act at the Basement, Manly Boatshed, the Manly Food & Wine festival, The Manly Fig and more. She can captivate a crowd with her soulful passion and fun style.


Zoe Elliot is a young singer songwriter who is becoming a regular appearance at venues across Sydney (and now Canberra). Her fresh, charismatic and emotional performances have already built her a loyal following.

As a solo artist she plays acoustic guitar and her music ranges from fun and rhythmic to soulful, reflective, and at times, quirky. Her voice has a unique, melting tone which is known to quieten the local pub. However, there is plenty of voice for her bigger bluesy songs. She has the ability to get the crowd clapping and singing along, yet also able to captivate them with heart reaching story telling through songs that are melodic, insightful and full of imagery.

She opened for Dragon at the Manly Boatshed, has performed at Fairlight folk, The Basement, The Manly Fig, Beach folk, The Roxbury, El Rocco, the Lord Raglan, the Manly Food & Wine Festival, and won the Belrose SONGS ALIVE competition 09 - taking every opportunity that comes her way.

Her influences include Declan ORourke, Bic Runga, Damien Rice, Janis Joplin, The Fray, Dido and Kate Miner.


Life Well Spent

Written By: Zoe Elliot

Let’s say that if I filled every moment of every day
With tasks and chores, preparing tomorrow and getting bills paid.
Put each day torn off the calendar in the recycling tray
Would this be a life well spent?

Let’s say that I’d sold all my days out for money and owned everything.
And that I was the envy of all of my friends who want all my belongings.
And cause there’s no money in music I chose not to sing…
Would this be a life well spent?

But I might learn to fly like the wind in my hair
And I might learn to dance like I carry no care
And I might learn to dream like my dreams will come true, never growing old.
And I might learn to breathe as though each my last breath
And I might learn to live like I’ve one hour left
Oh if I could learn to be content in myself, never growing old.

Let’s say that I’ve stored up and hoarded and have all the treasures I’ve known
But my memories are dull and unfriendly places to venture when I am alone
And some of my family and friends had been hurt by priorities I chose
Oh, would this be a life well spent?

And rather than living the moment
I’ll be sitting regretting my past
And when I return to the present…
My how time goes fast.

Oh if I learnt to love like it were my life quest, never growing old.
Never growing old.

I Say to Love

Written By: Zoe Elliot

Accompanied by this guitar, I share with you straight from my heart.
Exposed to the world to be judged, I find solace in your arms
Some say to Love's to be weak, Others say Lovers are fools.
I say to Love, there is no greater gift, I know of Love, it endures.

We don't agree much the time, I can be stubborn and harsh
As we’ve both learnt sometimes fighting must end, agree to leave wounds in the past.
Some liken Love to a war, Lovers - like others - soon hate.
I say to Love's to release one another, Letting each make their mistakes.

Some say that Love is a joke, Some don't believe Love exists
I believe Love is the one truth of life, True love will truly enrich.

Beauty will fade like a flower as the elements wear at our skin.
When all our allures have been snagged, I will still be infatuated.
Some say our primes in our youth, That Age is a downward run.
But I know that as I grow older with you, Ours best days are yet to come.

Ain’t Gonna Become Someone Else

Written By: Zoe Elliot

It could be easy, to change like the colors on your tv set
But I’ve been a thinking, cause I’ve been compromising ever since we met
Maybe I’m crazy, I won’t dispute, but now I’m gonna keep my dignity.

Cos I ain’t gonna become someone else
To try to win your love for me.

You ask for classy, but I live for fun and do not want tying down
You want romantic, I want erratic, common ground can’t be found.
If you can’t handle livin life free, don’t go tryna tell me who to be

Cos I ain’t gonna become someone else
To try to win your love for me.

I’m sorry I’m gonna have to let you go, I said
I’m sorry I’m gonna have to let you go,
I’m sorry I’m gonna have to let you go,
Cause you can’t love me for me

Without You

Written By: Zoe Elliot

Here stands the day our vows end complete.
Somewhere in that wooden box, Lay the one love that I dared to dream.
I've been told that I'll learn to live again.
I just hope it’s one of those dreams.

Little boy blue don't blow on that horn today,
The sun should've been too heavy laden to rise.
If you're gone then why is the city in spring?
I can’t fathom life beyond you and me.

I thanked the angels when they'd lowered you into my arms,
Praying the sun would never set upon our lips.
But in the shadows of our sleep you were carried to heavens keep,
And with you a whole of me was carried with you...

Ring the church bells, the birds need not sing.
This coffin's too small to carry the weight of my world.
But goodbye is all I can think to say,
For the first time words cannot mend this fray...
Throughout our house I only see history,
Every half full, now only half empty,
I pray when the sun sets... they'll take me to you

Thunder and Rain

Written By: Zoe Elliot

Thunder, thunder and rain.
Flick of a switch and lightning courses through cloud veins.
Thunder, keeping me sane
Rumbling through my mind shutting open doors, oh
Thunder and Rain.

Listen to the pulse of the rain gently falling
Sing with the howl of the wind’s reverie
Answer the plea of the sea’s gentle calling
Amidst all this chaos…
Is where I want to be.

Thunder, pounding the sky
Beat of a drum resonating like a monsters cry
Thunder, thunder and light
Making sure that no one has any peaceful dreams tonight

And I will trapse through the wet, wet grass to get a little closer.
Rain refracts like molten glass I’ve got to get closer…
The danger is so sweet,
Oh the Danger is so sweet!

Drink of the Rain

Written By: Zoe Elliot

Admit defeat, the battle is over
You lost your seat to daisies and clover…

Bow your knee, dust off your shoulder
There’s some things you need to discover for yourself.
Drink of the rain
Let it cleanse you of yourself
Swallow your pain.
For in your weakness you will find your wealth.

In your defeat I’ve seen your victory,
Rest your feet… You’ve been running so long,
You don’t know what your running from.

Mourn with the sunshine, rejoice in the gray.
Shout in the valley, lets begin our yesterday…
Our yesterday.

Lay down your crown, I’ll show you your kingdom.
What you’ve found is treasure far too heavy for your burdened heart
With which you cannot part


Written By: Zoe Elliot

This doesn't have a name and neither do I. No sought after fame, just tryna get by. For Heaven I reach, my toe dipped in hell. Face down on the beach as I fall through the swell.

Drop from the clouds, I thought that I was destined to more than the world could provide. Make my reflection I sit and stare at all I am not.

I'm left with a choice I'd rather not make. To open my voice or to drown in the shade with others who gave their freedom away.

Drop from the clouds, I thought that I was destined to more than the world could provide. Make my reflection, I sit and stare at all I've become.

(Dropped from the clouds - see all I am not)
(Like the Rain falls on the ground.)

Dropped from the clouds, now I decide whether I'll fall to the earth where I'll dry. Or will I glide like the first snow?

We must all precipitate - How will you fall?

My Only

Written By: Zoe Elliot

I was entranced by you, caught in a dance with you
Easily lit by a spark, a romance.
You were in awe of me, fell to the core of me
Said you were sure we could fall even more.

But I, I feared you would steal me
Oh I, I thought you’d conceal me
No I never thought we could be.

You are my only, part of my story
I cannot dream beyond you.
You have inspired me, helped to untie me
How could I dream beyond you?

Here we are entwined in action and in mind
I find I can’t define the line between self
Fighting the incline to fast redraw the lines
Before I forget where my walls used to lie

You are my only, part of my story
I cannot dream beyond you.
You have inspired me, helped to untie me
Why would I dream beyond you?

I was – cautious – little – nauseous
Something – told me – don’t give in to this
Fighting – my mind – rather – be blind
Than to – live in total irrational fear.

You are my only, part of my story
How could I dream beyond you?
You have inspired me, helped to untie me
I cannot dream beyond you.


Zoe has recorded and produced a CD of 7 of her 20+ original acoustic songs. These songs are not yet released but the CD is available at her concerts.

Set List

The sets vary with the venue. Most of Zoe's original compositions (and covers) are folk and blues in nature.

Besides her own songs Zoe has a large and varied selection of covers including the works of artists such as Declan ORourke, Bic Runga, Damien Rice,Kate Miner, Joe Cocker, Wilson Pickett, Janis Joplin, The Fray.

Typical originals include:
Thunder and Rain
Life Well Spent
Drink of the Rain
Without You
Yesterday Today
Hey Peter
Ain't Gonna Become

Can perform for an hour on originals alone.