Zoe Muth

Zoe Muth


Self released in August 2009, "Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers" is an ode to country from a bygone era, simple yet unbelievably beautiful. Muth has a knack for writing songs so true and familiar, you feel like they've been around forever.


With the release of her debut self-titled album, Seattle native Zoe Muth took everyone by surprise. During the course of 2009, she went from playing dive bars and coffee shops to gracing the stage of the first annual NoDepression Festival. The album also ranked #25 on the NoDepression reader's top 50 of 2009, placing her among Americana legends such as Buddy Miller, Dave Alvin, and Lyle Lovett. The combination of her inventive songwriting, true-blue twang, and rock solid country band, The Lost High Rollers, has led critics to call her one of the best up and coming interpreters of traditional country music around.

Raised on a steady diet of classic-rock, country classics,
and working class values, Muth's lyrics reflect her love of the history behind the music and focus on the tried and true topics of everyday life: disappointment, lost love, trying to make enough money to live on. Beautifully rendered vignettes of heartbreak and longing, filled with subtle wordplay, these songs never fall simply into cleverness, but instead give us truths about our lives and relationships that are subtle and unflinching.

With her traditional sound, she's earned comparisons to Iris DeMent, Emmylou Harris, and Gillian Welch, but with a voice with a little more edge and her own original songwritng style, she's created a sound all her own. Together with the Lost High Rollers, an all-star band of some of Seattle's finest roots musicians, Country Dave Harmonson on pedal steel and electric guitar, Ethan Lawton on mandolin, Miguel Salas on bass, and Greg Nies on drums, Muth crafts songs that sound so true and familiar, you feel as if they've been around forever. If she can keep writing them like this they will be.


Our debut album Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers was self released in August 2009. It has become a favorite of many the local Americana community radio dj's. We've also been recieving airplay on stations in Eugene,Oregon (KRVM), Fairfield,Iowa(KRUU) Cambridge, Massachusettes(WMBR) Davis,California,St. Louis, Missouri(KDHX), Pittsburgh, PA (WXLV) as well as on-line stations. The first cut from the record "You Only Believe Me When I'm Lying" was chosen as the August 7th "song of the day" on KEXP 90.3 Seattle.

Set List

We usually play most of the songs from our debut record. But we are continually working on new material, to add to our set list. Covers we've done range from the Rolling Stones, Carter Family, Townes Van Zandt, to John Prine. We usually play a 50 minute set. For our CD release, we headlined and played a two hour set of album tracks, new songs, and the classic country cover, "Crazy Arms."