Zoe Ryan

Zoe Ryan

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

Refreshingly unique, youthful female vocals; energetic yet occasionally sleepy; romancing with euphoric guitars and ethereal harmonies, all entangled into powerful hooks and won't-leave-your-head melodies that will follow you home, and you won't mind letting them stay.


Zoƫ's musical beginnings go as far back as the pop songs she and her best friend wrote and performed in backyard concerts for family as early six or seven.

At the age of thirteen she picked up a guitar and began to construct what many would call ballads. This became more frequent over the years and she has grown up to discover that writing music is not only the passion of her life, but the core of it. From lyrical tales of leaving home to facing lifes' myriad of molehills, her songwriting is varied, passionate, emotive, raw, universal and honest. Each song reveals a part of her life experience that she has been able to not only openly share, but translate in a way that each and every listener can understand and relate to their own life experiences.

Having written and performed intermittently throughout the last decade, touring and releases in the near future are certainly on the cards.

Set List

I Love the Way We Live