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Zoe Sky Jordan

Nashville, TN | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF | AFM

Nashville, TN | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Alternative Singer/Songwriter


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Zoe Sky Jordan @ The Piston

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Zoe Sky Jordan @ Bootleg Theatre

Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States

Zoe Sky Jordan @ The Basement

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Zoe Sky Jordan @ The Basement

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Zoe Sky Jordan @ Pop Montreal

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Zoe Sky Jordan @ Horseshoe Tavern

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Zoe Sky Jordan @ Cameron House

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Zoe Sky Jordan @ Beverley Halls SPK

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Zoe Sky Jordan @ The Basement

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Nashville, Tennessee, United States



"Nashville based Zoe Sky Jordan premieres fresh visuals for “Soft Reply”"

Nashville based songstress Zoe Sky Jordan is gearing up for the release of her album ‘Topiary’, it is set to drop on September 30th. Featured on the project is her fresh new track “Soft Reply,” it’s a chill and soothing single with a fresh west coast vibe, the accompanying video is premiering exclusively on GroundSounds.

Zoe had this to say about her latest video:

Soft Reply was the first song written for the album. It came about as an accidental collaboration with producers Ian Fitchuk and Peter Groenwald. I was supposed to meet with Ian that day and Peter the next, but unbeknownst to me they shared a studio and both showed up on the same day. They’ve also been friends for decades and are both from Chicago. There was something wrong with the studio and we ended up almost calling off the session. We went for lunch and wound up at Peters house eventually. He lives in a beautiful 100 year old house and we just sat in the sun and hung out and talked for a long time. And eventually this song happened. It’s a song about forgiveness and taking life as it comes. It was this song that made me want to do a whole album with Ian and Peter. This was sort of the basis for everything. The vocal we did that day for the demo ended up being the one we kept on the record. One or two takes. The whole thing was really relaxed and organic. The video was shot and directed by Gaelle Legrand on a secret beach. We filmed it just the two of us, so we kept it really simple. She wanted to create a dream state which is where the idea for the loop comes in.
Check out the video for “Soft Reply” below and definitely grab a copy of ‘Topiary’ on 9/30. - GroundSounds

"Introducing: Zoe Sky Jordan's cinematic visual for "Powerlines" Read more at http://earmilk.com/2016/09/23/introducing-zoe-sky-jordans-cinematic-visual-for-powerlines/#2dis1CxQ6bYHQFMc.99"

Toronto-born, Nashville based singer/songwriter Zoe Sky Jordan is preparing for the release of her new album Topiary by sharing a cinematic visual for her latest single "Powerlines".
Read more at http://earmilk.com/2016/09/23/introducing-zoe-sky-jordans-cinematic-visual-for-powerlines/#2dis1CxQ6bYHQFMc.99
"Powerlines" showcases Jordan's beautifully airy yet penetrating vocals, as well as her captivating songwriting. It's full of authenticity that can be felt throughout the song. The Daniel Henry directed visual helps to bring the track's story to life. Jordan stated,
"Powerlines" is about the intensity of young female friendship. My teenage years were defined by a handful of super close, all-encompassing female friendships and I wanted this song and this video to show what that feels like. I couldn't be happier with Daniel's interpretation of my story. He just nailed it. It was also amazing that some of the places we got to film were places where the real story unfolded.
Zoe Sky Jordan is definitely an artist to watch. Check back soon for her new album, Topiary, which is set to release October 7th.

Read more at http://earmilk.com/2016/09/23/introducing-zoe-sky-jordans-cinematic-visual-for-powerlines/#2dis1CxQ6bYHQFMc.99 - EarMilk

"Zoe Sky Jordan - Smoke"

“Smoke” is Zoe Sky Jordan’s first single off of her upcoming album, Topiary, and it’s a good one. No stranger to the spotlight, Jordan’s songs have been featured in shows such as Degrassi: TNG, and in ads for KIA and Tim Horton’s. The alternative pop singer is originally from Toronto, but is now based out of Nashville, Tennessee.

Her song, “Smoke,” is so, so catchy. The array of instruments seem disorganized at first, until the strum of the guitar brings all of them together. “The intro is a warped sample from a 70s funk record,” Zoe elaborates. Her voice is captivating with a slightly wispy quality, fitting for a track titled “Smoke.” The song is made of layers and layers of instrumentals and background vocals and brought together in such a way that the sound is so serene that it is easy to get lost in, as Jordan’s words float across the surface.

To bring more light to the song, Zoe stated, “I had the title of the song when I was writing my first EP Restless,Unfocused, but never found the right story to match. It was inspired by the way a friend handled the loss of her boyfriend who died suddenly of a drug overdose. From what I have heard he wasn’t a heavy drug user, he just happened to take something that was bad one night. He was a young guy and it was pretty devastating. I was inspired by the way my friend handled his death. It all seemed to come from the perspective of celebrating his life not focusing on the tragedy and the unfairness of it all. It hasn’t stopped her from partying, it hasn’t frightened her from taking risks and that was the philosophy the lyrics came from. ‘Smoking cause you smoke and cause it feels good’ is that person saying ‘Living like you did and doing the things that you taught me makes me feel close to you again, and instead of shutting down in the face of loss I’m going to honor the way you lived by continuing to get the most out of my life.'”

We’re getting the most out of our lives by enjoying music like this. - Impose Magazine

"CBC Sonica's Top 50 Songs of 2016"

Sonica ‏@CBCMusicSonica

"Here it is! Our #Top50 of 2016! Incl. @BasiaBulat @kroyworld @riaisawake @hellobegonia @JustinJRutledge @nuelacharles @zoeskyjordan + more!!
The Darcys, Hannah Georgas, RALPH and 7 others" - CBC Radio

"Zoe Sky Jordan – Smoke"

Med en mycket stark refräng levererar Zoe Sky Jordan sin senaste singel Smoke. Låten handlar om hur en vän till henne hanterade sin pojkväns bortgång. Låten är tagen från hennes kommande album Topiary som släpps den 26:e Augusti.
Lyssna på låten här. - Pop Muzik

"Découvrez la chanteuse canadienne Zoe Sky Jordan en 10 questions (Interview)"

Son père Marc Wallace Jordan est un auteur-compositeur connu aux Etats-unis et au Canada qui a écrit des chansons pour quelques-unes des plus grandes stars de la planète comme Diana Ross, Rod Steward, Cher ou Josh Groban. Sa mère quant à elle est également une artiste reconnue. Musicienne auteure-compositrice canadienne elle a travaillé avec Cyndi Lauper, Roch Voisine, Anne Murray et pleins d’autres stars nord américaines. C’est donc naturellement que Zoe s’est dirigée vers l’écriture, le bon mot et les paroles de chansons. Elle raconte que très tôt, ses parents qui sont connus pour l’exercice se sont intéressés à ce qu’elle écrivait. Elle déclare :

« Mes parents parents ne toléraient pas les mauvaises chansons, ils voulaient quand on leur montrait un texte, qu’il soit bon ».

Elle se souvient qu’elle analysait avec eux certaines chansons qui passaient à la radio. Son premier morceau intitulé Tonight dont elle nous parle dans l’interview avait été validé par son père qui le trouvait bon. Sa mère l’a aidé au niveau du pont ce qui les a poussé à partager les royalties raconte-t-elle.

Celle qui sort un nouvel album intitulé Topiary le 26 Août prochain nous a accordé une interview. Faites connaissance avec la chanteuse canadienne en 10 questions:

1- D’où viens-tu?

Je suis née au Canada à Toranto mais j’ai déménagé à Los Angeles quand j’avais 3 ans donc je me considère comme ayant la double citoyenneté. Depuis quelques temps maintenant j’habite à Nashville dans le Tennessee.

2- Comment as-tu commencé la musique ?

Mes deux parents Amy Sky et Marc Jordan sont des artistes (chanteurs, auteurs et compositeurs) bien connus spécialement au Canada et aux Etats-unis donc j’ai toujours chanté et écrit des chansons bien avant de penser à en faire mon métier. Mon jeune frère Ezra est également musicien et il est très talentueux.

3- Tu te souviens du premier morceau que tu as écrit ?

La première vraie chanson que j’ai écrite s’appelait Tonight. J’avais 4 accords et le refrain faisait juste « Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, Tonight ». Elle parle du fait d’être une jeune femme mécontente qui regarde la vie passer.

4- Rappelle-nous comment s’est-elle retrouvée dans la série Degrassi ?

Un producteur canadien appelé Bill Bell en avait fait une démo et je l’emmenais avec moi et la jouait à chaque fois que j’avais des réglages professionnels à faire ou des balances. Puis, à l’époque j’étais stagiaire dans une société de publicité, on partageait en quelques sortes les bureaux avec une entreprise qui s’occupait de synchronisation et de supervision musicale. Un jour je suis arrivée un peu trop tôt au boulot et il n’y avait qu’un mec qui s’appelait Jeremy. Il travaillait pour l’autre entreprise qui s’appelait Instinct. On a commencé à discuter, il a écouté mon morceau que je lui ai envoyé plus tard. Quelques temps après, il s’est retrouvé dans la série Degrassi (celle avec Drake). Cette chanson a depuis été placée dans d’autres séries et émissions mais c’est bien Jeremy qui a ouvert les portes pour moi.

5- Qu’est-ce que tu as appris à ce moment-là, quand tu composais ta première chanson, que tu utilises encore aujourd’hui ?

J’ai appris que la simplicité et l’espace dans une chanson plaisent aux gens.

6- L’album qui t’a le plus marqué ?

Far de Regina Spektor est parfait à mon avis. Il y’a aussi Court and Spark de Joni Mitchell, Naturally de JJ Cale , je ne m’en lasse jamais.

7- Peux-tu définir ta musique pour nous?

Je suis dyslexique et je vois la plupart des mots comme des images, c’est de cette façon que beaucoup de mes paroles fonctionnent. Je définirais donc ma musique comme étant des images accompagnées d’une douceur de chant (rires…).

8- Quels sont les thèmes que tu abordes don ton prochain album Topiary?

C’est un projet qui aborde différents aspects de la vulnérabilité des femmes. C’est ce qu’il y’a dans mon esprit depuis quelques temps maintenant comme je suis en train de faire ma transition vers l’autre moitié de la vingtaine , je réfléchis beaucoup sur moi et sur mes choix.

9- Ton rituel avant de monter sur scène ?

Des larmes et de la vodka.

10- Quel est le projet ou les artistes que tu pourrais nous recommander ?

Il y’en a tellement !!! Mon pote Liam Titcomb qui va balancer cet automne un projet original de deux titres qu’il aime. L’un du très talentueux JJ Cale qui s’appelle Magnolia et l’autre intitulé West de Lucinda Williams qui est en duo avec moi . Peut-être l’un des titres les plus poignants qu’il soit. Vous pouvez aussi suivre un super groupe de Nashville qui s’appelle MYZICA. Leur chanson, Wait A Minute est restée dans ma tête au moins 7 mois. Leur album arrive en septembre, j’ai écouté quelques extraits et il est INCROYABLE !!!!! - Iggy Magazine (France)


We’ve all heard the phrase “music is therapy” and for Zoe Sky Jordan, it rings particularly true. To my mind, we all have that one song that gets us through the good and the bad times, can make us laugh and make us cry, or encourage us to hold our heads up high and keep moving forward. Ahead of her new album, Topiary, being released on August 26th, Zoe’s latest track “Smoke” has an emotional and powerful back-story but is also hugely inspiring and uplifting.
Written as a result of how she watched a friend cope with the loss of her boyfriend, Zoe created a song to celebrate his life, to bring comfort to her friend and her many fans she has since shared the song with. As she explains:
“It all seemed to come from the perspective of celebrating his life, not focusing on the tragedy and the unfairness of it all.”
The stunning intro to the song is an edited vocal track from a 1970’s funk record, showcasing Zoe’s eclectic but superb taste in music from across the ages. With so many releases in this current day and age being nothing more than simplistic, cheesy pop ditties with little to no impact, Zoe proves herself to be a gifted individual who understands the power of music – how it can unite and heal, even in the darkest of times, and for that, she should be highly commended.
“Smoke” is a complex, multi-layered piece of music, steeped in emotion and full of passion. It is a great introduction to fans who have yet to truly discover this incredible musical talent and offers just a taste of what to expect when she releases her album next month.
Have a listen to “Smoke” below and for more information on Zoe Sky Jordan, give her page a like on Facebook or follow her on Twitter and Instagram. - Pop Wrapped

"WATCH IT Zoe Sky Jordan "Powerlines" (Daniel Henry, dir.)"

There's agony and ecstasy in this evocative coming-of-age story...

Zoe Sky Jordan: "Powerlines" is about the intensity of young female friendship. My teenage years were defined by a handful of super close, all-encompassing female friendships and I wanted this song and this video to show what that feels like. I couldn't be happier with Daniel's interpretation of my story. He just nailed it. It was also amazing that some of the places we got to film were places where the real story unfolded." - Video Static

"« Smoke » de Zoe Sky Jordan ou la pop folk solaire qui raconte l’histoire d’un ami mort d’une overdose de drogue"

For many people, the holidays are not successful without a soundtrack that mark the most important moments in these few weeks off. What's better than pop folk excellent title that recalls the great American spaces to burn forever the memories of a sunny summer?

The last piece of Zoe Sky Jordan titled Smoke is catchy pop like a tube, but the vocal arrangements particularly in the last part of the song and orchestration show the work done to deliver a piece of high quality. We regret that it does not its features vocal arranger his trademark. Even though the song seems happy with his arrangements, the text is very sad and dramatic that it tells the true story of a death by drug overdose.

First single from his upcoming album titled Topiary , Zoe said she found the song title when writing his first EP, Restless unfocused released in 2012. According to the singer, the title came to him following the drug overdose death of her best friend's boyfriend. She explains: "It was not a major consumer of drugs it's just that night, he consumed it should not have. These things take you from one drug to another, we will never spell. He was young and we were all devastated. The song was inspired by the way my friend managed that. She has not stopped partying or taking risks. It's mostly what I wanted to tell in the song. In the song I say: "Smoking by what you smoke and it feels good. Live like you lived, do the things you taught me makes me feel close to you ... " - Iggy Magazine

"PREMIERE: Zoe Sky Jordan — "Powerlines""

Continuing the trend of vibrant new musicians hail from Toronto, Zoe Sky Jordan's brand of soothing alt pop oozes potential. Now based in Nashville, the singer/songwriter picked the place to hone her craft. Jordan's latest song from her forthcoming Topiary album, "Powerlines," showcases her songwriting talents over a delicate arrangement. We're premiering that song today, it's stark tones allow her vocals to shine and emphasize her emerging abilities as a lyricist.

"'Powerlines' is about the intensity of young female friendship," she says of the song. "My teenage years were defined by a handful of super close, all-encompassing female friendships and I wanted this song and this video to show what that feels like. Many of the stories in Topiary follow this theme. It was a big one for me as I wrote this record and I think it shines best in 'Powerlines.'" - PureVolume

"Thomas Fiss Returns With “Orbit” — A Killer Collab With Zoe Sky Jordan: Idolator Premiere"

Thomas Fiss generated serious buzz in 2012 with soaring pop songs “Let Go” and “Chasing Satellites.” The 28-year-old makes a welcome return with new single “Orbit” (due April 28) — a sultry electro-anthem featuring the vocals of Zoe Sky Jordan. Why does someone else sing lead on his song? We’ll let him explain: “I originally wrote and produced this song for myself with my good friends Zoe and Chris Pramik. But once Zoe started to demo the reference vocal, we all knew she had to stay on the track!”

“Her energy was too perfect to dismiss — it would have been the wrong creative decision to do otherwise,” Thomas continues. “If you listen closely, you can hear my vocals throughout the song, but more as a supporting layer.” There’s another reason he kept Zoe’s vocal: “She sounded way sexier than I ever could.” It’s an interesting move, but it pays off. “Orbit” is a dreamy electro-lullaby that expands and unfolds with each listen. - Idolator.com

"Zoe Sky Jordan - Restless, Unfocused"

It's official. We've found our new day track. With her sultry voice, hooking beat, and poised rhythm, Zoe Sky Jordan has definitely got us focused. Listen up - Skyn Magazine


Beneath Zoe Sky Jordan’s feathery light voice lies a depth of lyrical substance. The visuals directed by Daniel Henry illustrate this point, with the video playing out like a mini movie. - Ride The Tempo


TOPIARY (Full length 2016)
Orbit (Single, 2014)
In Another Lifetime  (Single, 2014)
Restless, Unfocused (EP, 2012)



No Country For New Nashville:
“ 'For Granted' is an arresting take on relationship dynamics with self-aware lyrics, emotive vocals, and pristine pop production."

Impose Magazine: 
"We're getting the most out of our lives by enjoying music like this"

"Powerlines" showcases Jordan's beautifully airy yet penetrating vocals, as we as her captivating songwriting. It's full authenticity that can be felt throughout the song"

Cougar Microbes:

 "...Zoe Sky Jordan quite simply blows us away..."

Ride The Tempo:
"Beneath Zoe Sky Jordan's feathery light voice lies a depth of lyrical substance" 

Sweet, pure melodies sung by this vocalist soar overtop of simple rock instrumentals, reminding me a little of nascent Sarah Harmer, The super chill vibe and sultry murmur of these pop tunes will have you nodding your head as your sip your craft beer

Zoe Sky Jordan is a Toronto born, alt-pop singer-songwriter, living and working in Nashville, TN since the recording of her upcoming, album ‘TOPIARY’.

​Zoe is the daughter of hit-songwriters Marc Jordan (Rod Stewart, Diana Ross) and Amy Sky (Olivia-Newton John, Heart) and has been writing songs and performing live her whole life.
'TOPIARY' is Zoe's first full length release. It was co-produced by Peter Groenwald (Madi Diaz, Landon Pigg) and Ian Fitchuk (Kacey Musgraves, Maren Morris, Bon Jovi) who was Grammy nominated this year for his role on James Bay’s album “Chaos and The Calm”.

 Since it's release Zoe has showcased at SXSW, CMW, Luminato's Long Winter Festival and POP Montreal and has been featured by such tastemakers as BlogTO, who named Zoe one of 10 Canadian acts to breakout in 2017. The popular live-video series Southern Souls listed Zoe's song Powerlines as one of 20 best tracks of the year. The music video for Powerlines was Staff Picked by Vimeo and quickly gained momentum in the blogosphere. The video was directed by Nashville native Daniel Henry who's recent successes also include Aaron Lee Tasjan (Little Movies), Dawes (Roll With The Punches) and Kurt Vile's hit video 'Pretty Pimpin'. 

The album's first radio single 'Smoke' charted at #14 on CBC Sonica's Top 50 tracks of the year and had multiple top 10 spots at U.S. College Radio. Sky Jordan also partnered with Lomography for a photo-competition on the subject of topiary, which engages fans from all over the world and across artistic platforms.

Her debut EP ‘Restless, Unfocused’ saw her touring alongside fellow Canadians, Liam Titcomb (Nettwerk) and Jadea Kelly (Divergnt). The EP was picked-up by Starbucks in 2012 and broadcast in-store throughout the world. Known for her soft, understated singing style (as one critic put it “smoldering subtle swagger”) and visual centric lyrics, Zoe’s music has been a natural fit in the film and TV world. Restless, Unfocused garnered almost as many sync placements as it had songs, on shows such as Lost Girl, Less Than Kind, Cracked, Chasing Carter and Degrassi:TNG. In 2015 her single ‘In Another Lifetime’ created a frenzy when it was featured on ABC’s show ‘Switched at Birth’. Without any promotion it has had over 80,000 Spotify plays, tens of thousands of Youtube views, and was added into rotation on CBC radio. It was recently placed again on 'Private Eyes' starring Jason Priestly. In the coming months, fans of the hit show 'Hello, Goodbye' on CBC will hear two new songs Zoe wrote specially for the show. 

Her involvement with music in film and TV is diverse. Currently she is featured in Canadian Tire's Canada 150 ad, singing a cover of Cindy Lauper's infamous cover 'True Colours'. She is also the former front woman of a synth-pop band called Petty Victories who opened for City and Colour and had the honour of writing the theme for Hockey Night in Canada's 60th Year Retrospective. 

Zoe's new single 'For Granted' is the first in a series of new singles that will debut in 2018.

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