Zoe Speaks

Zoe Speaks


An energetic trio from the heart of the Appalachians in whom mountain twang meets contemporary folk. Fresh, awake, catchy, and steeped in rural sensibility!


Zoe Speaks is a trio from the mountains of Kentucky with something to say, and a unique way of saying it. Their music is rooted in the Appalachian sounds they grew up playing, but freely draws on a variety of rhythms and styles from smooth folk-pop to blues and calypso. (Think The Duhks or Tim O'Brien). In fact, they have more than an eclectic style in common with Tim O'Brien: collaboration with musician/producer Dirk Powell, with whom they just finished recording their upcoming studio album, entitled Drop In The Bucket. The new project features mainly original music on the trio's rhythmic mix of banjo, guitar, and bass, with some old-time gems thrown in for good measure. Vocal harmonies are a defining feature of their sound.
It also doesn't hurt that two members of the group are award-winning songwriters, with wins from Merlefest's Christ Austin Songwriting Contest (two times!), the Kerrville New Folk Award, and Kerrville's Music To Life Contest between them.
This is a band with big heart, and it radiates from their performances and recordings. They tour and perform full-time.


Money's Our God

Written By: Carla Gover

We work hard for what we've got
Seems like we just need a lot
The debts keep rising above our heads
I wish that we could save instead
Say money's our God
Makes our decisions
But if money's our God
I want a new religion
Daycare, carpool, traffic jam
Daddy's working late again
Our kids are raised by someone else
I'd rather be with them myself
I fall down on my bills and pray
We'll get out of this debt someday

How much stuff do we think we need?
Grandma would have called it greed
Tell me what we're working for?
I never see you anymore


Drop In The Bucket

Written By: Carla Gover/Mitch Barrett

It's a crazy world we live in
Bad news all around
Brothers and sisters if we're gonna make a difference
We're gonna have to stand our ground

It's a drop in the bucket
And a bucket in the pond
And the pond fills a river
And the river rushes on
And every river swells a river
Until the power can't be stopped
And what becomes a mighty ocean
Started as a drop

Down in Alabama
A lady boarded a bus
The driver said "You're black, you gotta sit in the back."
Rosa said, "I've had enough."
She was a drop in the bucket...

Great Britain ruled over India
Made 'em slaves to the goods they bought
'Till Ghandi took his people to the ocean
And said, "Look......free salt!"
He was a drop in the bucket.......

In the alleys of Calcutta
Mother Theresa lived her life
She did much more than feed the poor
She taught us how to shine her light

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine......



Pearl (2001)
Birds Fly South (2003)
Drop In The Bucket (coming soon!)

Set List

Typical 45-minute Set:
(Usually 30% trad. Appalachian material/10% covers/60% originals)
The Cuckoo
Birds Fly South
Small Things
Cadillac Queen
Dyin' If I'm Lyin'
Almost Home
Home Away From Home
Barbry Ellen
Shady Grove (revisited)
One Small Bird
I Believe
Pretty Peggy-O
Gimme Gimme
Old Pete
Drop In The Bucket