Auckland, Auckland, NZL

ZOHZOH an afrobeat-highlife/reggae band based in Auckland New Zealand for 5years now. The style of the music is fresh and comes with nice african old school rhythm blended with some jazzy horn lines. Our reggae vibes takes you back to the age of Peter Tosh, Bob Marley and culture.


ZOH ZOH means step by step.Every journey in life begins with a step) A 7 piece band presenting a type of music we called the "ZOH MUSIC" (Afro beat, African highlife and Reggae) The music blends West African traditional instruments with western European brass instruments and guitar. ZOH ZOH music influences comes from 4 main artist. Fela Kuti from Nigeria, Peter Tosh and culture from Jamaica, and the King of Highlife music E.T Mensah from Ghana. Our music talks about the political, social and global issues around the world. Songs are seriously funky and moves audiences out of thier feet. Is been described as one of the best outdoor music in New Zealand.


I released my first album called Nomadic African in 29th May 2009 when the band was just a small band. The album is percussion driven with some few guitres here in there.

Our New Zoh Zoh unique afrobeat/reggae sound, brings the band to the world music stage. We have 27 unrecorded songs, all original composition and we are yet to release 2 songs called Johnny and 365 days.

We have had an air play of some of our songs, and appeared on the NZ TV as well.