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"BBC Introducing: Zoidberg Review"

Bands get inspiration for their names from many sources.

The now defunct Gloucester metal band Irritant got theirs from the side of a deodorant can.

An older (also sadly defunct) band from Cheltenham got their moniker of "The Vintage Chimps" following a music shopkeeper's mishearing of their enquiry about "vintage synths".

Zoidberg meanwhile seem to have got their name from the doctor in Matt Groening's Futurama.

Personally, I'm looking forward to a band referencing the eighties kids TV series Ulysses 31 by calling themselves Numinor. It's got to happen one day. Surely.

"Zoidberg are one of those annoying bands that seem to have it all: good lyrics, fantastic music and an overall sound that, while diverse, retains a sense of unity to it throughout."

Stephen Morris

The band have been around for a while now, but are currently preparing for a fresh assault on the county's collective eardrums with the release of their forthcoming EP, "The Blue Room".

Their songs are much as you might expect from an act that name themselves after one of Groening's characters: there's a wit to their lyrics and detail in their song writing which can only impress.

"Politics By Numbers" is one of the band's stand out tracks.

The song takes a satirical swipe at revolutionary politics and those it attracts: principally those who find it fashionable to join causes without really understanding them.

"I'm a full time hypocrite: a rebel without a clue" is one memorable line from the song.

It's not often you get to compare Gloucestershire's musicians to comedian regulars on Radio 4's Now Show.

Comparisons are more likely to be made with Nirvana or the Arctic Monkeys.

But there is a first time for everything - and there is definitely something of Mitch Benn in "Politics by Numbers". Which is no bad thing at all.

Clever lyrics

Elsewhere, the music takes on a more Mancunian tinge with a distinct post-Oasis sound ringing through "The Things I've Been" (think Noel in "come down" mode rather than Liam in "Come On!!!" mood).

The Brit Rock sound also appears in "Always Speak to Strangers" which could easily have been lifted off the first Embrace album.

For all the wit and clever lyrics found in songs like "Politics by Numbers" and "The Things I've Been", Zoidberg aren't afraid to let the music do the talking.

"Peak Time Monster Party" is a meandering instrumental that swells with intensity as it progresses.

It's a fairly simple melody which is allowed to build and build into a frenzy.

Zoidberg are one of those annoying bands that seem to have it all: good lyrics, fantastic music and an overall sound that, while diverse, retains a sense of unity to it throughout.

Get hold of "The Blue Room" as soon as you can: a must for music fans (like me) who thought that the nineties didn't go on for long enough.

- BBC Introducing Gloucestershire


EP 'Blue Room' due for release August 2010
Radioplay of tracks on BBC Introducing, Swindon FM
Previous live radio appearences

2010 Festivals include - Sugarhill Festival, NRG Festival

2009- Main Support for the Pigeon Detectives Monmouth Festival

Regular Headline gigs at the well known Kasbah, Coventry



ZOIDBERG have been in existence as their current line-up for a year and have had a successful support slots with major acts such as The Pigeon Detectives.

This five piece Rock band are influenced by the likes of The Stone Roses, Doves and Oasis.

Zoidberg are currently recording their EP ‘The Blue Room' due for release in August 2010. The EP demonstrates the bands varied musical influences as it features Dance with ‘Peak Time’ to Rock/Pop with ‘Just Confused’. Zoidbergs set does not have a single alone genre, just energy and primal fire!

""all we wanna do is play our music, and have a good fuckin' laugh along the way" and in that sums up the agenda behind the band!