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"ZoiRose Reviews"

Curtis Lowell - www.makeastar.com - The strong rhythmic character of “Stalker’s Anthem” really sets up the song like a train barreling down the tracks. There is a lot of impact in the vocal portion and all instrumental performances are powerfully executed…

Hit Parader - www.hitparader.com - “ZoiRose has created an interesting blend of hard rock and Pop that has to be heard to be believed...” Rating: ****

The Island Ear - www.islandear.com - “This band is a monster waiting to spring out of the shadows to pulverize an unsuspecting industry. ZoiRose is a band you don’t want to miss.”

Taxi Review Board - “ZoiRose is onto something special. I was very impressed by the songs. Great style and delivery here, guitar lines work well and are memorable.” I feel these girls have great potential; Its powerful and reminds me of a stronger Pink at times. Based on these songs ZoiRose has a lot to convey.

The Honest Truth - “A strong blend of Pop and Hardcore-Metal fusion, this band has effectively created a gem that aptly showcases the talents and strengths of their band members. ZoiRose makes good use of change ups. Each song is marked by good song writing ability, strong vocals and great harmonies. This is a talented band and is definitely one to watch.”

The Cannon - “After hearing this EP, I was intrigued to see the band live. Experiencing the raw powerful talent of this band made my trip to CBGB’s in NYC worth every curse and automobile related hassle along the way. It doesn’t take a genius to predict a bright future this band.”

Scene Magazine - “Rock and Pop has never been done like this… ZoiRose is the real thing with balls o’ plenty and more hooks than my fathers tackle box.”

The Bronx Times Reporter - “This is a megacool disc from the local rock-pop staple of all that is right with the NY scene. What sets ZoiRose apart from the rest can be summed up simply: talent, dedication, killer hooks, great riffs and amazing song writing.”

IMG - www.imgartists.com - “Excellent work, great hard rocking sound with a serious edge! Outstanding musicianship, great production and mix. Awesome vocals by lead vocalist Zoi. Great mix of genres with a very original sound. Material is well written both musically as well as lyrically.”

- various

"Curve Magazine (July/Aug 2008)"

Unapologetic Estro-Rock

My introduction to ZoiRose, the freshman
New York City all-female band, came via
YouTube. “Stalker’s Anthem,” the lead single
from the band’s 2008 debut CD, Off Road to
Redemption (Novakain Entertainment Records),
exploded off the screen with enough energy to
fuel a jet. The lyrics are as creepy as the title
suggests, depicting the grueling emotions of
unrequited love. Former solo artist turned lead
singer Zoi Wiley wrote all
the songs on the album,
and at the ripe age of
25 commands a deeply
personal articulation of
her emotions.
“It’s about passion,
being hurt and relationship
models. I let go in
the music. Lots of people
go through this, but don’t
express it.”
The CD is a raw
therapy session of epic
Although she insists
that the kids at her North
Carolina school called
her an ’80s reject. Wiley, along with Hache on
bass, Karyn on guitar, Veronica on drums, and
Sandra on backup, isn’t bound by one genre.
Wiley’s admittedly “too hard for R&B” vocals
are accompanied by some mouth-watering
drum rhythms that ground the infectious rock
The band’s MySpace page (myspace.com/
zoirose) lists Pat Benetar and Black Sabbath as
influences, however punk-like guitar bridges
and the bands overall fashion are reminiscent
of groups from the riot grrrl movement.
Nonetheless, Wiley remains completely
unattached to labels and unapologetic for
‘estro-rock,’ “I wanted to put together an all
female band with powerful sound—powerful
women who could really rip!”
ZoiRose began touring this summer on the
festival and college scene, so this brand of estro-
rock will be most accessible to co-eds. For
the rest of us, ZoiRose’s mantra of, “love hard,
play hard, and fight harder” streams through
loud and clear online. — Emily Howard - Emily Howard


Debut LP- Off Road To Redemption



It is safe to say that there is no other band out today like ZoiRose. Once you listen to the music, you will find that ZoiRose is in a class by itself. The band's music brings a certain soul and passion that is not easy to find in today's alternative rock music scene.

North Carolina bred Zoi, the high energy lead vocalist, put a band together in NYC after leaving the Wu-Tang 2006 tour as an opening artist. While on tour Zoi sold every copy of her 5 song EP and decided it was time to focus on honing the sound of her new band, ZoiRose.

ZoiRose has always maintained top-notch musicians within the core unit. Just recently, Zoi relocated to Maryland from NYC to enhance the sound of the music and added the most talented players so far to round out the collective band. The newest editions to the band are Jennifer Brown on drums, Jeremy Conte on lead and rhythm guitar, and John H. on Bass.

Currently, the band is promoting their new LP, "Off Road To Redemption", due for release in Oct., 2008 on Novakain Entertainment Records. The LP features such hard hitting ballads as “Bad Things” and “Human”, the uptempo, guitar driven “Raw”, and the hit single “Stalker’s Anthem”, which was recently covered by Curve Magazine and is garnering Local and National attention.

Experience the new rock movement that is ZoiRose at Myspace.com/zoirose and see the video for “Stalker’s Anthem” at YouTube.com