Zojo Black

Zojo Black


Zojo Black is alive and keeping the music real. Featuring some of southern alberta's premier musicians, the band speaks a true vibe of freedom of musical expression, captivating the listener with soulful lyrics and blissful musical shrine.


Zojo Black is newly formed group relishing off the fragments of Red Light District. Founding member is Greg Gomola, whom compiled a group of locally talented musicians to get together and record an album mostly made up of songs that Gomola had written. Paul Kype a dominant figure on the western canadian music scene plays guitar and sings with Zojo, he also was a pivotal force on recording producing and mixing the cd. Brady Valgardson form the Taber region spends his time touring the world with the Corb Lund band hammering out rockabilly beats overseas, but in his off time he defiantly rips out the sticks to backbone Zojo Black in their attempt to crack the big show!! Tyson Maiko whom spent countless years touring with such acts as Gob and Leroy Stagger is a detrimental part of the production and sound of The Zojo, shredding his tasty Bass liks like nobodys business....others whom share the stage with Zojo are the likes of Brad " man of the hour " Brouwer on sizzling percussion, Earl" on the keys if you please " Mcauly Evan"Jr"Eushenko compiling a starstudded lineup. Zojo heads in the studio for its second lp and the band marches forward keeping the music real and alive captivating audiences with soulful lyrics and musical shrine!!!


Modern day marilyn ,onroe

Written By: Greg Gomola

she is like a modern day marilyn monroe searching for her heart through her own lost soul....where did it go
she dances like a beauty queen from a 50's pinup magazine....one look there she goes
her lips will break you, her smile will take you her heart will break you dont you know
its in her voice i find her beauty , its buried beneath her only skin ...lord only knows will that candle fight the wind will it warm her heart and let her sing....


Zojo Black- self titled

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