Zola are a group of 5 guys from the New York/ Long Island area that have been friends and band mates, For a while. They have been playing the NYC music scene since the early '90s , their sound ranges from classic, and southern rock, influences to singer/songwriter and alt. country.


Zola's eclectic mix of Rock, Funk, and Blues explodes with intensity and desire. Their diverse sound can be attributed to the variety of influences of all of its members. Zola's groove oriented rock is a heaping mix of pounding rhythms; smooth guitar hooks as well as ethereal tones and convincing vocal melodies.

A prescence on the New York City music scene, they have accrued an impressive resume playing venues such as: The Continental, CBGB's, The Ace of Clubs, and Kenny's Castaways to name a few. Tracks from their 4-song EP were used on ESPN's "The Life"; an insiders look at professional athletes lives off the field. Also, songs from the demo were featured on Long Islands WBAB's "Homegrown", and WLIR's "Tri-State Sounds".

After a busy schedule of festivals and showcases, the band took a brief hiatus to regroup and to recharge thier collective batteries. After the break,the band had a slightly different line-up, adding Steve on bass and Dennis on drums. Brian and Carlo have been writing and performing together since the early 90's. In 1998 Dave joined the two and things immediately clicked. Zola are currently in the studio working on tracks for a new CD.

Known for their energetic live performances and their ability to convey to the audience their heartfelt desire and emotion in every note played, Zola's musical expression transcends traditional Rock-n-Roll to form a truly original sound which covers a wide range on the sonic landscape.


Lonely Town

Written By: ZOLA

Theres a girl with out a name, it doesn't matter 'cause you know it all end up the same

She was there now shes gone, it doesn't matter 'cause you know that life carries on

A deal goes south across the town, another faithless man gets blown away you see him stumble down

Nobody cares or bats an eye, they just stop and glance, and turn, and pass and walk on by

Its hard to survive out on the streets alone, lonely town, and no one gets by out on the streets alone lonely town

A homeless man stumbles around, he's just looking for a place where he can crack on down

he takes the bottle and another drink, he cant walk, cant talk, he cant even think


You try to get out, but it just pulls you back again
You cant escape it when the devil is your only friend

Repeat 1st verse

Chorus 2x


Written By: Zola

I woke up feelin' ugly
And my back was really hurtin'
I 've got a bad hangover, because I
drank too much

Then I took a trip to L.A.
To try to get a look back, at it
Now even the gun shots at night don't bother me cause the sun came out

I hope you're feelin' OK
Wherever you may lay
Your poor and weary tired head
You still grind your teeth when your laying in bed?
That your sleeping in alone cause your waiting for someone, someone
To come along, he already came along

I see you now, see right through you
I see you now

Wonder if you miss me and think about the times that I've had to lock away behind the corner of the mind
That opens up sometimes
When I want to let you in
But I've got to close it down
Because I know who you are who you've been

I see you now, but I see right through you
I can't see you now, because I see right through you

I see right through you
Through you
I see right through you


Come My Way

Written By: ZOLA

Days and mostly nights
Drowning all alone
Tossing turning sleeping by the phone
The pain would come and go
the heartach never would
until the day you came
and made my heart beat still

(gtr riff)

There she stood come
come and take my hand
can you bring me to another land
live your life
always staying true
put up no facade
even play the fool

The day was bright
I thought we would
I felt as though
I thought I never could
You told me all those lies
playing with my brain
and all along
I thought you’d ease the pain

(gtr. solo)
(repeat 1st verse)
Love is built by trust
trust is something true
I feel it in my heart
that girl its me and you
If the time is right
and you feel it to
we will walk as one
together me and you

(repeat chorus to end)


Zola Live @ The Continental (2005)
Zola Live @ CBGB's (2005)
Zola Live @ The Acme Underground (2004)
Stuck on Earth Live @ The Elbow Room (2000)
Stuck on Earth (2000) 4 song EP

Set List

Next Time
You're All I Need
Lonely Town
The Garden
Mission Bell
Come My Way
Lying on a Hill
In a Dream
The Better Life
Watch the World
Our set list consists of 10-15 original songs, for a typical 45 min. to 1 hour set. We have enough original material to play at least 2 one hour sets.
We mostly concentrate on showcasing our original material, but on occassion we play local bars and pubs, and mix classic & modern rock covers in with our original material.