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N/A, Tennessee, USA

N/A, Tennessee, USA

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Zombie Bazooka Patrol don't play anything near what you think they would, trafficking in acoustic alt rock rather than bizarro space punk. They've still got one of the best band names out there. - Nashville Rage Weekly Magazine

I first met the Zombie Bazooka Patrol at one of their early shows in October of 2005. They were opening for some metal bands in one of Nashville's dive bars, and almost nobody in the audience had any clue what to expect; they just hoped it was better than the other opener. A deep voice came over the PA and introduced "the titans of zombie music," and with that a pair of undead in tattered clothes and corpse paint took the stage and began a very carefully choreographed and well synchronized dance routine.

It was bizarre but sweet, and the audience was instantly captivated. A friend next to me said "I think I'm in love," and they hadn't even started their first actual song! What followed was one of the most entertaining and inventive performances I've ever witnessed.

The boys describe their sound as Zombie Rock; many of their songs feel fresh and earnest while incorporating familiar elements from old classics into new and amusing contexts. To this end they're very tight instrumentally and often harmonize vocally with striking results. That first night I saw them, they closed with a slow love song - undead love song specifically, that builds up to its crescendo with the words "I said I'd never stop loving you - Oh baby, it is true! - I still love you even though I'm undead..."
Toxic Zombie sounded very reminiscent of the Beach Boys, singing the part with a comically high pitch but with plenty of control as he backed Spy Zombie through the chorus. Good stuff.

Since that first night, I've had the pleasure of seeing the ZBP about a half dozen times, including in my living room, on my radio show, and at the gig booked for a friend's touring punk band, and they've never failed to capture the attention of the audience. They invariably bring an abundance of stage presence, and fully play up their undead schtick, bantering in cryptic voices and using fog machines and strobe lights to maximize the "B" horror movie vibe. Between that and the onstage Orange Crush guzzling binges, there's enough twisted humor and audience interaction to fill a barn. Or a bar, for that matter.

There's not a lot else for me to add, really. I could mention the occasional ZBP Prize Raffles or their laid-back personalities, but I think you've got the idea into your succulent brain by now... Joking aside, I promise you, they hardly ever bite.

Dan Potter
DJ, WMTS Murfreesboro
DIY Promoter
265 655 0823
dan.glennzig@gmail.com - Dan Potter

Zombies... Fog... Robots... Lights... Acoustic Guitars? Zombie Bazooka Patrol is an acoustic duo hailing from Nashville, Tennessee. Their sound is difficult to describe. If the Beach Boys got into a bus wreck in the middle of the desert and lay rotting on the side of the road for a few weeks before rising from the dead and continuing to tour, it might sound something like Zombie Bazooka Patrol. With catchy hooks infused with chilling social commentary and live performances that promise to keep you on the edge of your seat, Zombie Bazooka Patrol might do to music for the undead what the Beatles did to music for the living. If you feel a hunger for human flesh but don't need heavy metal, then Zombie Bazooka Patrol might be just what you have been looking for. - Tyler Moles


July 2006 - Embrace the Transformation.
February 2007 - Undead Brotherhoood EP
July 2007 - SkreemDawg EP

You can download these from the Myspace page

Our music often gets played on 88.3 WMTS local Murfreesboro radio.

Be sure to check out our music video at
You can also view it at our Myspace!



They formed in July 2005 when they came back to life. Ever since, they've rocked 1000s of satisfied, zombified, virus fried fans. They've toured across 20 states and made numerous new fans and friends.

The ZBP always promotes shows. They are very cooperative and will do whatever we can to make a show work out for everyone.

Their musical roots are classic folk, rockabilly, early blues, and a wide variety of other musical syles.

In 2007, they were featured on Fox's "Next Great American Band." You can see the footage on the Myspace page. Also, they were on ABC's "Early Show," and in "Entertainment Weekly."