Zombie Bazooka Patrol

Zombie Bazooka Patrol


They are here from beyond the grave to deliver the United States a new genre: Zombie Music! This band has a theatrical show that will enthrall even the most ignorant of bargoers! From Nashville, Tennessee, it's the titans of Zombie Music! The Zombie Bazooka Patrol!


They formed in July 2005 when they came back to life. Ever since, they've rocked 1000s of satisfied, zombified, virus fried fans. They've toured across 20 states and made numerous new fans and friends.

The ZBP always promotes shows. They are very cooperative and will do whatever we can to make a show work out for everyone.

Their musical roots are classic folk, rockabilly, early blues, and a wide variety of other musical syles.

In 2007, they were featured on Fox's "Next Great American Band." You can see the footage on the Myspace page. Also, they were on ABC's "Early Show," and in "Entertainment Weekly."


July 2006 - Embrace the Transformation.
February 2007 - Undead Brotherhoood EP
July 2007 - SkreemDawg EP

You can download these from the Myspace page

Our music often gets played on 88.3 WMTS local Murfreesboro radio.

Be sure to check out our music video at
You can also view it at our Myspace!

Set List

Sets can range between 15 minutes to 90 minutes. The ZBP rarely does any cover songs.