Zombie Food

Zombie Food

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Killer musicians, lifelong music fanatics from other bands. Came together by accident, and the chemistry was huge. Peggy's singing is haunting and kickass too! We play multiple instruments and love all things horror! Do all recordings by ourselves, including mastering.


I played in a alternative/rock band in North Carolina for 12+ years on bass guitar for the trio Axis. Since this I have moved to Seattle and am playing all instruments and finishing recording my second cd called Poison Apples (huge mix of rock, alternative and punk cover song cd with a killer) in my home recording studio.

Peggy Simmons sings all vocals on this cd, and also plays guitar and sings lead vocals in a NW Washington punk band Trinity Avenue, playing local bars and events in the NW Peninsula area.


Poison Apples - releasing Summer 2012 (cover cd)
Tracks: Breed, Second Skin, Sick Bubblegum, Would, Nutshell, I Love Myself Today, Something In The Way, Gotta Get Away, Where Is My Mind, Radio Friendly Unit Shifter, Down By The Water, Various originals

Set List

Intro: zombie and evil Snow White theme
Second Skin
Sick Bubblegum
I Love Myself Today
Something In The Way
Gotta Get Away
Where Is My Mind
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
Snow White creepy song