Zombie Radio Baby
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Zombie Radio Baby

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



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Zombie Radio Baby! - The Demo



Zombie Radio Baby! The idea started as an outlet... an outlet for two men seemingly at the end of their ropes. Out of a job, a relationship, friends, and all around out of hope, Shannon "Screams" Reams and Brent "The Sickness" Pendley found themselves with nothing but their friendship and their spite. Spending night after night on the balcony of Shannon's apartment drinking themselves into a stupor and spouting hatred and hopelessness at everything they knew, there had to be a better place for the sickness they shared with each other.
This went on for months with our two heroes spiraling downward into new levels of Hell. When they finally reached the bottom, Shannon picked up his acoustic guitar. With the words of his song "Memory's Blade" scratching through the air... "Serpents crawl under my skin... my structure's falling in... Just want to breathe again... her blood pools up and I'm diving in..." Brent grabbed his axe and started picking out sorrowful solos to bring the sound together. An outlet was born, an outlet for the rage, the pain, and the poison flowing through the veins of two broken men.
For weeks the two sent out their serpentine lyrics and music into the air until finally a neighbor showed up on the front porch of a jam session at Brent's house. Shannon was going out front, cigarette hanging from his lips, when a dark figure on the porch said quietly, "I could hear your pain, brother" and produced a light. Emerging from the shadows, the neighbor went on to tell these two how their music moved him every night they played, how he couldn't help but sit outside, close his eyes, and feel the songs through and through. This turned their outlet into a project, and after hearing the praises of their neighbor the two started sitting down to write out parts and break down sections of each song they had. Songs began to take shape; some became ballads, others were just auditory attacks on the senses. Brent, being versed in more than just the guitar, wrote drum parts and bass lines. Our heroes were ready to rock.
Piece by piece they started to record enough to let their sound into the world. This took months of preparation and work, but finally they had two songs that accurately covered the sound of the yet unnamed Zombie Radio Baby!. With two songs finished and more in the works, Brent ran into a fellow musician in Little Five Points. This friend told him about a bass player named Adam Garvey who was looking for a project just like ZRB! An audition led to a perfect fit, and Adam also knew a prospective drummer that might be interested in the project. The drummer, Lawrence, gave a great audition performance and was instantly accepted.
Through weeks of rehearsals, Adam and Lawrence brought a fresh view to the music, allowing the band to mold and reshape each song into a sound that they could all call their own. The product of four men with different backgrounds of band experience, musical tastes, and playing styles shown through as a bold tribute to the old story of sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll that has held true for decades. What started as a release of anguish from two hopelessly broken men has morphed into a hard-hitting, ear-splitting rock group named Zombie Radio Baby! and we're ready to melt your face!