Zombie Western

Zombie Western

 Waco, Texas, USA

We are an instrumental, post-rock band with a powerful live show. Also, we are flexible with the bands that we've played with. We fit with anything from indie rock to metal.


The aptly named Zombie Western is a four piece instrumental post-rock band based in Waco, TX. The band's influences are clearly apparent in their music, their name, and the intensity of their performances. The careful blending of the dramatic elements of film with the subtlety of layered instrumentation come together to create their textured sound. Formed in 2009, Zombie Western was originally a three man operation composed of Jarrod (bass), Aaron (guitar), and Mikey (drums). They began practicing and writing material that would become their first record, "The End...And the aftermath." The album was released in 2010, and was met with positive reviews. However, it became apparent to the band that in order to effectively replicate the atmospheric depth the band was striving to achieve in a live setting, they would need to add a second guitarist. One year and a few guitarists later, the band found Daniel just as they began work on their second album. "The Great Migration" is due to be released on February 21st, 2012. Zombie Western's sophomore album showcases a new maturity in both production and song writing, The simple complexity of their music encourages the listener to have a unique interaction with each listen.


The Great Migration (LP) (2012)
Carol of the Bells (Single) (2010)
The End...And The Aftermath (LP) (2010)