Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CAN
BandEDMNew Age

Zombifyus is an electronic music duo based out of Saskatoon, SK. Members Bennett Dobni and Josh Feldman are precocious students of the art of digital and analog synthesis, sample collaging, and audio production. These electronic elements combined with carefully choreographed live instrumentation, danceable beats, and reverberating vocals produces a fresh flavor of electronic music. After a long and cold Saskatchewan winter of constructing this sound, Dobni and Feldman debuted Zombifyus during VF


Zombifyus is an art electronic band from Saskatoon SK. The band was formed in late 2010 by Josh Feldman and Bennett Dobni. Since then, they have release 2 short run EP’s, toured western Canada with Paper Beat Scissors and played shows with Chad VanGaalen, Moonface and Feral Children.

Dobni and Feldman are 19 years old and are obsessed with music. They spend the majority of their time making music, rehearsing and collaborating in Saskatoon’s music scene. They perform with Feral Children and numerous other projects. They both have experience in the recording studio, having recorded, mixed and mastered all of their own music and are well acquainted with the stage, having performed frequently from their early teens.

Their music is characterized by elaborate arrangements of synthesizer, drum samples, loops, guitars, drum set and vocals. They combine ambience with high energy drumming, gorgeous multi-timbral melodies and spaced out vocal leads, blending psychedelia and drone with pop music. During a live performance by Zombifyus, members will switch between synthesizers, guitars, drum set and singing while controlling MPC 1000 samplers and Ableton Live.

Zombifyus is moving forward ambitiously, with a full cross Canada tour with Feral Children and festival dates planned for the summer. They are relocating to Montreal in the fall, where they will further pursue music careers with the band and start electro-acoustics and composition degrees respectively, at Concordia University.


Warmth EP - Self Released - Fall of 2011
No Gear EP - Pop Quiz Records - Fall of 2011

Tracks 'Panama' and 'The Warmth' played on CFCR and CKUT.