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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



First of all, I know nothing about the band. The link I was given just took me to the song with no other information. So, I can't go into any details about the band or highlight any one player...all I can do is talk about the song. Which, is kind of refreshing, there is absolutely zero expectations. I am a clean slate. Am I in a bar? Maybe? I absolutely love the opening. The guy sounds well past inebriated. I was a little worried that this would be the quality I could expect throughout the song, I was pleased to be given a crisp sound for the song that kicked off after the drunk guy on the microphone. The song is funny as hell. "My songs are classics, but no one seems to care." You gotta love this unpretentious funny song. These guys nailed fun on its head! The downside, there isn't much knew to the music, but I tend to think that's part of the point. These guys are classics. This, in my opinion, is a whole new genre...Satire Pop. I could trip the light philosophy with you, but I'd rather let you enjoy the tune on your own. These guys do a great job of just allowing you to have some fun with them. Well worth the listen

More reviews at www.zomotta.com
All reviews are unedited. - Clint Caige on the song Hang on

"Opscene (dutch national magazine, extremely critical)"

cd The Elephant Musician

Despite bearing a resemblance to the arrogant pricks of Oasis, the album as a whole sounds very sympathetic. They even are well above the average album we receive, which is a great compliment towards the band!!
- Frau Dunkelfahrt


- Wandertrieb -
A new summer a new Zomotta! Summer? Yes, because although the record won’t be out for a few months, I recently obtained a 6 track promo by one of them but I wouldn’t settle for that. Luckily their studio lacks every form of copyrights and thanks to their cd burner I obtained the full length already. Wandertrieb gives us more of the same (fortunately!) and is also a giant step forwards. First song Hang on is definetely a cult-hit and amongst the best the group ever recorded. Great cynical lyrics, strong refrain and beautiful backing vocals by Carlina Douw (former-Capablanca). Track 2 is more of this, pure pop, great guitarriff and a lazy rhythm. One of the few which still reminds us of Pavement. Even the Only Ones make their appearance again (Jane) but again Zomotta’s uncompromisable sound is still around. As far as atmosphere concerns, Wandertrieb is more divers then the Elephant Musician and it sweeps the listener from lightheaded merry pop to noisy, experimental energetic rock. The album is also better produced, it sounds clearer and more full and the experimentation with guitar, bass and drums really works out well. I will say it again: Wandertrieb rocks! This will get us through the summer.
- Stefan 't Hooft


Nameless EP Zomotta (1998)
Cd 'The Elephant Musician' (2000)
Cd 'Wandertrieb' (2001) of which the tracks Bad days, Hang on and Shallow bay have received airplay on dutch and belgian national radiostations.

De zeven van Breda (2001)
Kleine Prijs van Dordrecht (2001)
Demontage cd (2002)

Some tracks can be listened at www.zomotta.com and most are available on www.audiogalaxy.com


Feeling a bit camera shy


Influences: Pixies, PJ Harvey, Jesus and Mary Chain
What sets us apart from other bands (apart from drinking habits hehe) is the fact we play without setlist, so you never know (like us) what you are gonna get. Furthermore, we sound like a rockband live should sound, loud, no compromises, and we play a very varied set, usually we play not only the loudest song of the evening but also the softest. We maintain interesting to watch from beginning to end.