Trashpop, press said we sound like The Strokes, Pavement, Sonic Youth, The Only Ones, Stooges, David Bowie and the Velvet Underground. Just listen for yourselves though.


Influences: Pixies, PJ Harvey, Jesus and Mary Chain
What sets us apart from other bands (apart from drinking habits hehe) is the fact we play without setlist, so you never know (like us) what you are gonna get. Furthermore, we sound like a rockband live should sound, loud, no compromises, and we play a very varied set, usually we play not only the loudest song of the evening but also the softest. We maintain interesting to watch from beginning to end.


Nameless EP Zomotta (1998)
Cd 'The Elephant Musician' (2000)
Cd 'Wandertrieb' (2001) of which the tracks Bad days, Hang on and Shallow bay have received airplay on dutch and belgian national radiostations.

De zeven van Breda (2001)
Kleine Prijs van Dordrecht (2001)
Demontage cd (2002)

Some tracks can be listened at www.zomotta.com and most are available on www.audiogalaxy.com

Set List

Since we play without setlist, we adapt fairly easily to the audience. If they seem to be responding to louder faster songs, we'll play those, if not we choose the softer ones. We have quite some stage experience and a large set of songs to choose from, and not knowing which songs we'll play keeps our performances very dynamic and exciting to watch. Usually our set lasts between 30 to 45 minutes. No covers though.