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or centuries, the passive have relied on the proverb “all good things come to he who waits” as a warning to take things slow, but a talented up and coming rapper has made it his mission to not only challenge this adage with his tireless work ethic but to prove that with a steadfast will and a lot of talent, you can just as easily take control of your future. Zon D’Leon has no desire to wait for his chance to make it in the music business, he would much rather make the circumstances happen himself.

Zon D’Leon is not timid in regards to his goals; he has long since been clear of the destination that awaits him, and has taken the necessary steps to ensure he gets there, sooner than later. Never one to shy away from a challenge, D’Leon is drawn to the music business “because it's complicated and time consuming and there's a lot of networking involved to make a name for yourself. I truly believe in the value of hard work and self-made men. All that comes easy, goes easy. And I’m going to have it all, because I’ve earned it.”

Born Ramon Liranzo on a warm spring day on April 27th 1987 in Santiago, Dominican Republic, Liranzo has never felt the need to question his path; he has always been aware his future lay under the spotlights.

Raised in Queens, New York since an early age, he got the chance to experience hip-hop at its rawest in his formative years and fell in love with its lyrical complexity.

When a sudden move brought him to Atlanta in 2001, Liranzo began to frequent the underground Latin clubbing scene early on. It was then that he realized he could interconnect his love of lyrical hip-hop with the modern beats of Caribbean reggaeton, without sacrificing that rhythm that called to him, that truly Latin sound from the streets.

However, it wasn’t until 2006 that Liranzo decided to step into the rap game and took on the persona of Zon D’Leon, a quick witted MC with a smooth voice and unlimited lyrical prowess; and he hasn’t stopped working on his music since.

“My passion is Latin Urban music. It’s a genre that confuses people sometimes because it encompasses so many aspects of the Latino culture, but it specially centers on the taste of the younger generations. It’s a colorful blend of hip-hop, reggaeton, and other smooth sounds from the streets. It’s club-popping anthems for when you want to have a good time, but also music that people can identify themselves with and can not only understand- they can share the emotion and live it like it's a line right out of their lives. When I connect with a listener that way, it’s a mission achieved.”

Zon D’Leon decided early on to shun certain topics from his songs- violence and disrespectful terms applied to women just wouldn’t do, even if that meant breaking the norm in the modern industry. He realized this separation might inhibit his chances of becoming mainstream, but never doubted there was a place the kind of music that moves him. “I’d much rather make music that motivates my people, rather than undermine them,” he explains, “I’m just not interested in making a name for myself by degrading others; I’m one of the many trying to move our genre up, help it grow and mature as we also have as artists.”

His music is clearly a reflection of all the qualities that make Zon D’Leon unique and worthy of a closer look: Classy, smart, funny, always up for a good time, but aware of his surroundings and moved by the daily struggle of his people.

With a staggering amount of rappers trying desperately to claw their way into the nucleus of the entertainment business today, the battle for attention can sometimes get aggressive, and it can be difficult to separate the amateur from the few who truly have a successful career ahead of them.

It’s that elusive star quality that is seldom seen and passionately sought after in a music industry crying out for a breath of fresh air, that is brightly guiding Zon D’Leon in his path to stardom and opening doors due to his innovative ideas.

With no need for gimmicks to attract attention from the public, this fresh Dominican up-and-comer glides effortlessly on a stage, his genuine charm quickly allowing him to connect with the public and keep the throngs of clubbing crowds hooked to his every word.

“If there's anything that God gave me, it’s the ability to express myself earnestly with people and give off a good vibe. That positivity has helped immensely to develop a faithful fan base and get my career off the ground,” D’Leon states.

But its an uphill battle, one won a victory at a time, because Zon D’Leon not only yearns for the day his name will appear in flashing lights, his aspirations always lay a little higher than the norm. “I am concerned with our genre. I'd say it has the potential to become something greater than it is, if it were just able to embrace the rest of the Latin community- not just the Spanish speaking community. For that to happen, doors need to be opened for other artists who may