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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"San Francisco's ZONK at Home with Concrete Blonde"

San Francisco¡¦s ZONK at Home with Concrete Blonde
August 9, 2004 (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) You can¡¦t call them the critics¡¦ darlings (yet). You can¡¦t call them a household name (yet). Hometown heroes? Not exactly. But you can call ZONK a devoted working band that¡¦s getting attention somewhere.
For ZONK, 2004 began with winning a national music download contest held by Music For America, which kicked off an east coast tour that included a sold-out show with De La Soul at Boston¡¦s Middle East and finished at the legendary Knitting Factory in New York City. Internationally, ZONK has garnered the interest of video game maker Konami, who will feature their music in the upcoming release of its worldwide best seller, Dance Dance Revolution. This group has also received an Honorable Mention from the prestigious John Lennon Songwriting Contest.
On Saturday August 28, the Great American Music Hall plays host to ZONK and Concrete Blonde¡Xafter more than five years, countless shows in the bay area and three albums, ZONK is finally getting a chance at some hometown recognition.
So, how does a San Francisco band end up working with Concrete Blonde, De La Soul, and Dance Dance Revolution? What is it... rock, hip-hop, and electronic? Well, yes, actually. ZONK¡¦s female singer/songwriter McFiendish laughingly shares, ¡§We¡¦re on a little label with limited support¡Xbut we¡¦re all fiercely committed and getting phenomenal opportunities.¡¨
While ZONK isn¡¦t producing an easily classifiable sound, their collective and diverse passions have created a lush contemporary style featured on a new EP entitled Our Five Worst Songs. CNET¡¦s music.download.com made them an Editor¡¦s Choice and states, ¡§After one listen of ZONK's sultry trip-hop, you may wonder why you haven't been Zonked before. ¡Kit's hummable, danceable, and fun. And once it lodges itself in your brain, it's hard to get rid of„oa sure sign of pop music greatness.¡¨
Members include McFiendish, producer/musician Dave L (whose sound/music credits include many video games, films such as Sony Pictures Classics Groove, cartoons and commercials), multi-instrumentalist Uncle Bergie (who plays bass and harmonica simultaneously) and turntablist DJRed5 (an award-winning mix DJ).
You too can take ZONK home: download music at www.ZONKaholics.com and dance around in your underwear.
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The Latest Release
Half Human
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1. Nervous Excited Delighted
2. Audio Caffeine
3. Radio Me
4. Sold It For A Song
5. Everyday Hoodoo
6. Dark and Light
7. Half Human

The 2004 EP
Our Five Worst Songs
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1. Tittle Tattle
2. Urban Paradise
3. The Grind
4. 3:05 A.M.
5. Hard. Full. Often.

1. Really, Really Hot
(Missy Elliott)
2. Arduro
Momu is on the San Francisco electronica label Spundae Records

Other Projects
1. Down
(Johnny Quest
feat. McFiendish)
Johnny Quest is a hip-hop producer out of Lawrence KS


Feeling a bit camera shy


This trip-hop-rock band is rooted in diverse musical experiences and influences, urban sounds, and San Francisco. Sometimes likened to “Beck meets Portishead”, ZONK is a modern melding of styles united by a distinctive, sultry voice and thoughtful songwriting. The band’s near-term focus: partner with management and labels while touring… and evolving. Sometimes silly, sometimes serious, sometimes sassy, ZONK’s polished production and electrifying live show earns accolades from music lovers of all ages and tastes. This band combines the urbanity of city living and the hard knocks of breathing with a sincere sense of understanding and an appreciation of music of all types.