ZonK is a smokey blend of analog and electronic synths, psychedelic landscapes, and reverberated drum drones. ZonK's debut album serves as an instrumental electronic soundtrack to the popular weed smoking game (Zonk), complete with dice and rules. Dub, idm, breakbeat, psy-trance.. ZonK takes form.


ZonK is alieneYe and decepticonjon. Each coming from opposite ends of the musical spectrum, the two find a happy common ground using homemade analog synths, sampling, and some old keyboards found in a dumpster. Friends for a very long time, both are accomplished live sound engineers, and ZonK shows off their production talents. This is music to smoke a fat bowl, relax, and let ZonK take you on an audible journey. Smoketronic music for the soul.


ZonK - ReMiXeS01: 4.20.2012
ZonK - ZonK: 8.3.2012
ZonK - the SPaRK 9.3.2012
ZonK - HoLiDaZe 11.24.2012

all music can be streamed and purchased from http://zonk.bandcamp.com