London, England, GBR

French duo taking the breezy harmonies of Burt Bacharach and Brian Wilson to create blissful Balearica-tinged pop


ZOOEY is two hearts beating as one. Matthieu Beck and Marie Merlet fell in love on a French island in the sun, lulled by Burt Bacharach and the Wilson brothers. They now live in South London where they create a unique and charming union of easy listening and dance music. Their electronic pop songs blend beat patterns with melancholic synths and daydream exotica vocals.

+ Some more details about our musical background:
Marie used to play in Monade with Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab), she runs another really cool pop project called lisbonne. Matthieu was in the french disco pop band called Adam Kesher

A brief description of "Time To meet Outside" EP :
Time To Meet Outside EP is ZOOEY’s mid-summer collection. Marie and Matthieu share their dreamy "synth-folk" in the form of four ballads which convey vivid summer memories as well as lost souvenirs. Recorded at home under South London palm trees, Time to Meet Outside has a lo-fi sound reminiscent of Atlas Sound or Panda Bear.
ZOOEY is a perfect marriage of tropicalia percussions, vintage synths and girl/boy sweet vocal duos. But as with many Brian Wilson songs, summer fun is tinted with melancholic overtones. They're taking a walk down the beach, but already thinking about the end of the holidays...

+ Check these videos :


"Travelin' Light EP", 4 tracks digital EP on Paris label Recorder, released 06/12/2010

"Time To Meet Outside EP", 4 tracks digital EP on Paris label Recorder, released 25/07/2011. One track streamed on The Guardian website : http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2011/aug/11/new-band-zooey. Some airplays at Amazing Tunes