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"Zootango Waltzes With Rancho Relaxo"

Link: http://www.blogto.com/music/2006/11/zootango_waltzes_with_rancho_relaxo/

Last night, Zootango rocked out a packed house at Rancho Relaxo.

Singer-keyboardist Lloyd Frangis announces early on that "Things are about to get awkward here."

But, that was hardly the case as the fivesome, described as sounding like, on their Myspace page, like "Rod Torfulson's Armada featuring Herman Menderchuk," played smoothly their hearts out to alcohol-fued bodies dancing, drinking and dancing some more.

Not too much info on these guys, but they've got an EP out now and definitely worth a listen, especially if you admire a cross between MC5 and The Band. And anyone who can reference Kids in the Hall in that way wins in my books.

Official page: www.zootango.com


These guys absolutely rocked! Tight and wide ranging music - but all relly polished. really refreshing to see guys doing original stuff that is not completely formula or cliche. do yourself a favour see these guys or get the cd.

Posted by: joe at November 20, 2006 1:09 PM
- www.blogto.com


2005 - Zootango EP (Coney Island Discs)

Available for purchase from CD Baby and iTunes.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Imagine what would happen if all the animals were let out of their cages.

Do you think they'd run amuck through the city with elephant stomps, tiger growls and hippo bites? If you can picture that chaos unfolding, then you're only experiencing a tenth of what Zootango will bring to your homes.

Yeah, they play pop-rock, but that's only the beginning. The group started out in the summer of 2004 as three restless guys in Toronto who wanted to cause a ruckus. They really began playing music together four years ago, over a common love of the Kinks, the Who, and Led Zeppelin.

Today, those influences still exist, but have become much more eclectic. And it shows. After only a year, the Zootango EP was born, an amalgam of sounds and ideas ranging from hums to growls.

Plus, they think puppies are cute.

Attention to detail is a motto the band upholds as well as an original sound that bears no repetition. This is a band that wants to show its diversity, but also wants the airwaves.

And while bears are doing dances in tutus and monkeys clanging on gongs to Zootango, you gotta wonder who was smart enough to let these humans out of their cages?