ZOO TV is a colorful Electronic Alternative Rock trio from Nashville, TN, specializing in a range of songs from sweeping epics to punchy, sarcastic anthems that are socially relevant. Utilizing multiple technologies, ZOO TV creates a fantastic listening and viewing experience for fans of all kinds.


Born from a love of "different" musics, the three members of ZOO TV came together in 2012 to create a band with a tiny size and a massive sound. By utilizing many different technologies in their fun, moving, and socially relevant soundscapes, you would never know there are just three of them unless you happened to see them live, and even then you might not believe your eyes.

With JL on guitar, synth and lead vocals, Reid on bass guitar and backing vocals, and Phil on percussion, ZOO TV weaves a mighty tapestry of sonic energy. With blistering bass lines, complex polyrhythms, fast and furious guitar, and searing vocal lines, ZOO TV is an act not to be missed!


ZOO EP - 2012