ZOPILOT, a band of four 18 year old kids from Costa Rica, is an explosion of sound and energy. Their self created genre SURPRISING ROCK is an instrumental rock mix of alternative and experimental indie sounds. Their music has complex timing structures and sudden tempo changes.


Zopilot - Rock Sorpresivo
San José, Costa Rica.

Zopilot started off in 2007 as any other high school band: a group of teenagers eager to make their own music. It all began with cousins Franco Valenciano (drums) and David Bolaños (guitar) playing jams together every other Friday after school. As the jams started shaping into the first Zopilot songs, they sought for other musicians to complete the band. That’s when they called life long friends Marco Alfaro (guitar) and Andres Araya (bass) to play with them and see if it worked. The strong bond they all had made it all flow perfectly and the new members fitted just right in the band.
At the early age of seventeen the members of Zopilot had been able to create a significant amount of original songs with a wide variety of influences from the classic rock like Led Zeppelin to much newer indie/alternative bands like Minus the Bear.
In 2008 they had their first concert at a small bar in San José. After playing all their songs the audience’s response was very positive and enthusiastic. This encouraged the young musicians to keep playing and make more songs. They encountered some trouble at finding places to play due to their age, but with a lot of hard work they managed to play at the most important venues in San José like Jam House of Music and the Jazz Café.
Zopilot’s music is often described as alternative rock, indie, or even experimental, but the members of the band prefer to call it “surprise rock” due to the sudden changes on every song. Their songs are often guitar riff based with the use of double handed tapings on some parts. It’s hard to tell which of the two guitars is carrying the lead because their sounds often mix creating a distinctive kind of sound. The bass is sometimes riff based too with a clear influence of modern alternative bands like Kings of Leon and Incubus. The drums are very dynamic setting the mood changes along the song and filling the melodies with complex brakes.
Even though the band has a low budget they do what is in their hands to make the shows worth paying with the use of different kinds of lights and heavy energy displays on stage.
They started growing in the Costa Rican rock scene and began to be praised for their unique style that includes unexpected rhythm changes, soothing melodies and a lot of energy. The still young band quickly became very popular and started playing regularly in the metropolitan area.
In early 2009 Zopilot recorded a demo at a local studio which opened the doors to radio airplay. Soon the band’s legion of fans grew a lot more and the shows became really well attended all the time.


zoo-pilot EP (2009)
Z Side EP (2010)

Set List

The band has enough original music to put on an hour and half show. Usually the band's gigs are 1 hour long and the set list is
FOX 4'20''
JUNKIE 5'08''
VENUS 4'30''
LE cheetah 5'50''