Zorba The Buddha

Zorba The Buddha


Zorba The Buddha is a 5 person band that bases it’s sound on early Reggae and fuses elements of other styles of music with it. All five musicians are experienced players from various musical backgrounds, giving the band a unique sound. Zorba The Buddha's music appeals to a wide range of people


For more info and videos go to ztbmusic.com. Zorba The Buddha is a unique band indeed. Brian, the keyboard player, is not only a prolific songwriter but a sound engineer as well. Brian’s love for early reggae and the recording equipment and methods that shaped its’ sound led him to form Zorba The Buddha. His vision was a Reggae band that incorporated vintage equipment and effects processors to re-create the sound of the early Reggae and Dub Reggae recordings from the late 60’s and early 70’s. Long time friend and vocalist, Mike Barnes, had collaborated with Brian in the past and was enthusiastic helping start the band. The rest of the band members were recruited, and the results were quite pleasing! Kris and Reggie were already accomplished and working musicians, however, they liked the sound of the band so much that they didn’t mind adding to their already busy schedule. Keith, the drummer, was already experienced in Reggae drumming , and fit in perfectly. Since the band formed we have had weekly practices, written many original songs, and played many venues. Zorba’s sound always maintains a Reggae base, but may incoprporate influences of jazz, blues, Hip-Hop, jam, world, etc.
Not even one year old at this time, Zorba The Buddha has already opened for major touring acts, played at the 19th annual Third World Reggae Festival, and been invited to play at many venues that would normally never even consider booking a Reggae band! They have even packed venues that booked them at the last minute, not more than a few hours notice.
Zorba The Buddha will continue to grow and explore known and unknown musical space. Their unique, positive sound will continue to make them stand out like the sun, and their fan base will always include a wide range of people from all walks of life.


Live recordings only so far. Our first studio album is in the works and expected to be completed in summer 2007.

Set List

Zorba The Buddha’s sets include mostley our originals which range in styles and tempo, plus covers. Our covers include some Bob Marley (of course!) and other reggae greats, plus non-reggae songs converted into reggae. Some of our fans favorites are the Beatles songs that we turn into reggae! We can go up to 3 hours.