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"Lusophonia Concerts Review ZORRA"

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" ...there is a new band in town. They're called ZORRA, they are five boys from Lisbon, Portugal and they just released their first album - "Nós Cegos" which has several meanings like "We Blind" or "Blind Knots".

All of them have Jazz and Classical studies, so they are technical virtuosos in their fingers. And in their ears, there is rock.
ZORRA´s music is a stylish battle between rock and jazz in rounds of seven minutes.Sometimes rock wins the round. Other times though, the jazz in their music gets the most of it. Just as soon as fusion jazz gets thrown on the mat by space rock, improvisation comes forward and pushes progressive rock to the corner.

There is nothing better than a concert to release their new album. These five guys play each one an instrument - guitar, bass, drums, trumpet and vibraphone, almost all of them are linked to effects pedals. Sometimes it seems they are 9 musicians on stage, a wall of sound that explodes so quickly in psychadelic reveries as it cradles in soothing melodies, wanders between cinematic moods of suspense and reflective moments of contemplation.

This concert at Musicbox is the best answer to the question " should I or should I not go to a concert ? ". There's music that was made to play live - lucky are the ones who have come to the show! And at the end of the concert people just left with a big smile of happiness.

The show was meant to present the songs on the album, but played with a vigour and enthusiasm that can only be creatde on a stage in front of people.
They opened the show with " Cronofóbico ' first single , the song that opens the album , whose music video is below. The closing track was ' Cosmos ', a song that is not on any records yet, hopefully in the next . For the encore , again « Cronofóbico » but now with another intensity. Not with their cold fingers, as earlier in the show. An ideal song to finish the concert and leave the music to work in the head of those who had to drive home , after all, tomorrow is a working day .

"Nós Cegos" is a great debut album from a great new band ." - Duarte Pinto Coelho from RADAR radio


We have just released our debut album on 11th of June, 2013. It´s called "Nós Cegos" and it is available on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud and Amazon.



ZORRA is an instrumental quintet. The band features drums, a double bass, an electric guitar, a vibraphone and a trumpet.
Marco Pereira formed the band in 2005 as a trio with a more leading rock drive. As the band started to grow and include musicians coming from the portuguese jazz scene, and instruments like the double bass, the vibraphone and a trumpet, the lines began to fade. Influenced by Jaga jazzist, Tortoise, Esbjorn Svensson Trio, The Bad Plus, Mogwai, Bon Iver, Yo la Tengo... All the post-rock scenário and alternative jazz.

The music of Zorra finds echo on the most varied human emotions, leading each listener in the quest to find in his self imaginary the way to connect with what he is hearing. The constant creation of diverse sound environments invites the listeners to go through emotional inner landscapes that go from more contemplative, soothing or disquieting states of mind to more explosive, energetic and liberating ones. That richness and insight in the management, creation and release of tensions makes Zorra a very peculiar band, with a very unique sonority...that easily captures the attention and blends itself with the audience in the remarkable moments that its live performances provide.