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Poetry-music-weirdness fusion.With megaphones & video! Poetry & storytelling mixed with acoustic guitar mixed with singing mixed with funk & traditional Venezuelan percussion. We're a strange hybrid: wordy yet musical. Perfect for lit events & cabarets. We also hold our own at punk gigs!


Zorras are Canadian writer and multimedia artist, Sandra Alland, and Venezuelan musician and composer, Y. Josephine. They formed in December 2007, after falling in love with each other's style at Edinburgh's Who's Your Dandy. Zorras quickly became known for their unique and funny bilingual mixture of storytelling, guitar, poetry, percussion, singing, megaphones and projected images.

In summer of 2009, filmmaker Ariadna Battich joined the team. Together with Sandra Alland, she creates powerful videos to complement live performances. They manage to strike a balance between hilarity, activism and personal experience. Always with a touch of the surreal.

UK gigs include Bar Wotever, GayWise Festival, Soho Theatre, Museum of London, Moor Music Festival, Bongo Club, Voodoo Rooms, Ladyfest Edinburgh, VoxBox and Aye Write! Festival. Zorras recently released their first CD, We Apologise For Any Inconvenience, to critical acclaim. They also co-curate Edinburgh’s queer and trans multimedia event, Cachín Cachán Cachunga, and are founders of b)other, an LGBTI collective of Deaf and Disabled artists.


We Apologise For Any Inconvenience - CD, 2009 (Minor Assault Records)

Set List

Sets are typically 30 minutes, but we are flexible. We play with or without video, a variety of songs with poetry and storytelling. We move between percussion and guitar, alternative rock-like compositions and traditional Venezuelan music... and just plain strange...